Agropecuária JP Fazenda Senzala

Goiás | Brazil

Place Types Agriculture
Address Praça Bacalhau, S/N, Goiás, Goias, Brazil
Coordinate -15.960797, -50.126058
Phone +55 62 3372-1992
Social /Agropecu %C3 %A1ria-JP-Fa..
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Where is Tecmac Agronegócios?
Tecmac Agronegócios is located at: Rua Doutor Waldivino Vaz, 198, 75503-040, Itumbiara.
Where are the coordinates of the Tecmac Agronegócios?
Latitude: -18.42022
Longitude: -49.21544


Address Details:
Street Number: 198
Street Name: Rua Doutor Waldivino Vaz
Municipality: Itumbiara
Country Subdivision: Goiás
Extended Postal Code: 75503-040
Country Code: BR
Country: Brasil
Country Code ISO3: BRA
Freeform Address: Rua Doutor Waldivino Vaz, 198, 75503-040, Itumbiara
Local Name: Itumbiara

View Port:
Top Left: -18.41932,-49.21639
Bottom Right: -18.42112,-49.21449

Entry Point:
main: -18.42026,-49.21542