Are Shivon Zili Children Elon Musk Twins Strider and Azure?

Shivon Zilis, a renowned executive at Elon Musk’s Neuralink company, is in the spotlight not just for her professional accolades but also for her personal life. Recent revelations from Isaacson’s book unveiled the names of her twins with Musk: Strider and Azure. The birth of these twins added to the already dynamic life of Musk, amplifying the public interest.

The Birth of Twins
In November 2021, the world was pleasantly surprised by the news that Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis had welcomed twins named Strider and Azure. This momentous event was kept relatively quiet, with the public only catching wind of it in July 2022.

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Summary of Shivon Zilis Children

Date Event
November 2021 Shivon Zilis gives birth to twins, Strider and Azure, with Elon Musk.
July 2022 Public announcement of the twins’ birth.
August 2022 Grimes’ public outcry to see her son, X AE A-XII, and her subsequent comments about Shivon Zilis.
September 2022 Musk vocalizes contentment with his family life and his commitment to his children.

Shivon Zilis and Her Role
Graduating from Yale and holding a title as the director of operations at Neuralink, Shivon Zilis is no stranger to achievements. Beyond her educational and professional milestones, November 2021 marked a personal landmark for her, becoming the mother to Musk’s eighth and ninth children.

Elon Musk’s Desire for Smart Offspring
A recent biography delved into Musk’s aspirations, revealing his wish for “smart people to have kids.” This sentiment speaks volumes, especially considering his choice of partner in Zilis, a powerhouse in her own right.

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Controversies and Reactions
However, life isn’t without its challenges. Grimes, another of Musk’s partners and the mother to his child, X AE A-XII, voiced her distress. In a whirlwind of emotions, she demanded to see her son and expressed anguish at Zilis, terming her a “homewrecker.” Nevertheless, the storm passed with Grimes issuing an apology for her comments.

All Is Well Again in the Musk Household
Despite facing his share of controversies and challenges, Elon Musk seems to have found solace. Reports suggest a harmonious environment in the Musk household, with both mothers of his children settling their differences.

The intriguing saga of Shivon Zilis’ twins with Elon Musk, Strider and Azure, encapsulates joy, surprises, and challenges. Their journey, from their birth to becoming the focal point of media attention, underscores their significance in Musk’s intricate life.


What are the names of Shivon Zilis’ children with Elon Musk?
They are named Strider and Azure.

When were Strider and Azure born?
The twins were born in November 2021.

Who is Shivon Zilis?
Shivon Zilis is a Yale graduate and holds the title of director of operations at Neuralink.

How did the public come to know about the twins?
The news became public in July 2022, though they were born in November 2021.

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