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Benchling is the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud. Accelerate, measure, and forecast R&D – from discovery through bioprocessing – all in one place. Discover the Benchling Difference. The Benchling Life Sciences R&D Cloud. Applications. A suite of seven natively unified applications that accelerate R&D at all levels. …

Benchling Help Center

Benchling Training Kit for Academics. Get started with Benchling for Academics. 4 articles in this collection Written by Lily Helfrich. Benchling Training Kit for Educators. If you’re an educator who’s interested in teaching your course with Benchling, then check these articles out.

DNA Sequences – Benchling

The Benchling Developer Platform allows you to programmatically access and edit data in Benchling. This can be used to integrate with instruments in your lab, keep Benchling in sync with other software you use, create dashboards and charts of Benchling data, and more.

Benchling Company Profile – Office Locations, Competitors …

Benchling is a company that develops a cloud-based informatics platform for life sciences research and development. It offers dashboards, analytics, codeless configuration, integrations, APIs, and provides a suite of unified applications such as a notebook, a registry, an inventory, etc. Show more

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Benchling is the modern software platform purpose-built for life science R&D. Hundreds of thousands of scientists using cutting-edge techniques like CRISPR, CAR-T immunotherapy, and genetic engineering depend on our suite of cloud applications to design DNA, collaborate on experiments, manage research workflows, and make critical R&D

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Benchling is based in San Fransisco and was founded in 2012 by Sajith Wickramasekara, Ashutosh Singhal and Cory Li of MIT.The company focuses on life science collaboration, both private and public, through creating cloud based software tools for digital DNA sequence editing, designing and running experiments, analyzing data, and sharing research.

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Benchling, Inc. provides online research tools. The Company’s applications design, analyze, and share DNA sequence data in the cloud for researchers as well as generate sequence maps for research …

PCR and Primer Design | Benchling Help Center

Use the Benchling Notebook to plan and record PCR experiments. When setting up experimental PCRs in the lab you will need to assemble a PCR master mix. A “mastermix” combines common reagents (dNTPs, buffer, water and DNA polymerase) that are aliquoted out to ensure consistent reaction efficiencies and reduce overall mixing steps.


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