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We are continually adding to our knowledgebase on the habitat and characteristics of catfish. First, let’s introduce you to the favorite sport catfishing breeds of North America: Welcome to Cat Tracker Bait Company. Founded in 1988 in Dubuque, Iowa by Junnie Mihalakis from homemade formulas tested in catfish habitat throughout the United States.

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About Cat Tracker. The domestic house cat (Felis catus) is considered one of the world’s worst invasive species. High densities of cats throughout cities wreak havoc on native small animal populations. The aim of my research is to better understand the dynamics of house cat populations in relation to the population dynamics of native wildlife.

Cat Tracker Bait Company

We don’t spare a thing when it comes to our customers, worms, rigs and bait for all fishing. Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, streams and ponds. Designed for catfishermen by a catfisherman!

Cat Tracker 2.0 – Reveal the secret life of your cat

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. You will receive a small tracking collar to affix on your cat for seven days. The tag will be delivered to your home by a research personnel. In the first 2 days, you will keep the tag turned off to test whether your cat is comfortable with the collar and get your cat used to the collar.

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