Cody Brundage Wife Who is Amanda Brundage, the Ultimate Fighter and MMA Pro?

A lot of buzz surrounds Cody Brundage, especially with his upcoming middleweight clash against Jacob Malkoun in Las Vegas. But alongside Cody’s fame in the MMA circle is his wife, Amanda Brundage (formerly known as Amanda Cooper), who’s not just an MMA enthusiast but an acclaimed fighter herself.

  1. Summary of Cody Brundage Wife
  2. Cody Brundage’s Journey
  3. Reactions from UFC Pros
  4. Amanda Brundage’s MMA Career
  5. Amanda Brundage’s Family Life
  6. Amanda Brundage’s Social Media Presence
  7. Cody and Amanda’s Achievements
  8. Conclusion

Cody Brundage is a name familiar to many MMA enthusiasts. Yet, what many might not know is that his wife, Amanda Brundage, has made a significant mark in the MMA world too.

Summary of Cody Brundage Wife

Key Point Detail
Name Amanda Brundage (formerly Amanda Cooper)
Profession Professional MMA Fighter
Key Achievements Competed in Invicta FC, UFC; Currently in Lights Out Championship
Family Wife of Cody Brundage; Mother to Kingsley and Millie
Upcoming Events Cody’s fight against Jacob Malkoun in Las Vegas
Social Media Presence Active profiles including a YouTube channel
Potential Milestone Could be the third husband-wife duo in UFC

Cody Brundage’s Journey

Known as a fierce middleweight MMA fighter, Cody is gearing up for his upcoming bout against Jacob Malkoun in Las Vegas. The phrase “Cody Brundage Showing Up To Win” isn’t just a slogan but signifies his unwavering determination.

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Reactions from UFC Pros

Cody Brundage’s disqualification win at UFC Vegas 79 didn’t go unnoticed. The MMA community, especially UFC pros, had varied reactions to the unexpected ending of his fight with Jacob Malkoun.

Amanda Brundage’s MMA Career

Amanda Brundage, born October 22, 1991, formerly known as Amanda Cooper, isn’t just the “cody brundage wife” tag but is a force to reckon with in MMA. She has showcased her prowess in the Strawweight division of both Invicta FC and UFC. Presently, she competes in the Lights Out Championship.

Amanda Brundage’s Family Life

Beyond the octagon, Amanda is a doting mother to Kingsley and Millie. The bond she shares with Cody isn’t just limited to marital ties but also resonates with their shared passion for MMA.

Amanda Brundage’s Social Media Presence

A glance at Amanda’s social media offers an insight into her life. Her profile, marked with “Wife of Cody Brundage ❤️ Mother to Kingsley and Millie,” can be seen on various platforms, including her YouTube channel.

Cody and Amanda’s Achievements

If determination has a face, it’s this power couple. If Cody secures a UFC contract, they could be the third husband-wife duo to make this achievement, emphasizing their unparalleled commitment to MMA.


Cody Brundage and his wife, Amanda, are not just partners in life but also in their passion for MMA. With Cody’s upcoming fight and Amanda’s continued success, this duo’s journey is one to watch.


Who is Amanda Brundage?
Amanda Brundage, previously known as Amanda Cooper, is a professional MMA fighter, mother, and wife to fellow MMA fighter Cody Brundage.

Did Amanda compete in the UFC?
Yes, Amanda Brundage competed in the Strawweight division of UFC and Invicta FC.

How did Cody Brundage’s fight with Jacob Malkoun end?
The fight ended with an unexpected twist, leading to Cody Brundage’s disqualification win at UFC Vegas 79.

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