Did Olivia Rodrigo Fake a Stage Malfunction at the 2023 VMAs?

During the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, the audience and viewers worldwide experienced a heart-stopping moment. Olivia Rodrigo, the singing sensation, appeared to face a stage malfunction during her riveting performance of “Vampire,” a song that had garnered the Best Editing award. But was it all as it seemed? Or was there a more calculated, dramatic underpinning to the incident?

  1. Summary of Olivia Rodrigo’s Stage Malfunction
  2. Unfolding of the Event
  3. Behind the Explosive Pyrotechnics
  4. The Reveal All Part of the Show
  5. Audience’s Response A Mixed Bag
  6. The Aftermath Rodrigo’s Bold Move Pays Off
  7. Conclusion

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Amidst her soulful rendition, chaos erupted. Pyrotechnics exploded across the stage in an unanticipated frenzy. Fans, celebrities, and even seasoned crew members were caught off guard. Among the sea of bewildered faces was Selena Gomez, equally as stunned as the rest.

Summary of Olivia Rodrigo’s Stage Malfunction

Aspect Detail
Event 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)
Main Artist Olivia Rodrigo
Song Performance “Vampire”
Award Received Best Editing
Unexpected Twist Faked Stage Malfunction
Initial Audience Response Shock and confusion
Post-Reveal Audience Sentiment Mixed reactions; buzz generated

Unfolding of the Event

The atmosphere was electric as Olivia Rodrigo took center stage. The set was reminiscent of a haunting forest, a fitting backdrop for her song about a toxic relationship. But soon, an unexpected disruption: pyrotechnics started to detonate, seemingly out of control. The sheer intensity and unpredictability of the moment led many to believe that a genuine accident had transpired.

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Behind the Explosive Pyrotechnics

The startling detonations were not just loud but produced a haze of smoke, obscuring the stage. For a few intense moments, speculation ran rife. Was Olivia okay? Had something gone terribly wrong? The anxiety was palpable.

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The Reveal All Part of the Show

However, as the mist cleared, Olivia re-emerged, miraculously unscathed. The twist: the entire sequence, the seeming malfunction, was a meticulously planned stunt. Intent on crafting an “unexpected and shocking moment,” Olivia had indeed achieved her goal.

Audience’s Response A Mixed Bag

The immediate aftermath saw a gamut of reactions. Some lauded Rodrigo’s audacity and creativity, admiring the sheer theatrics of the act. Others felt deceived, having been taken on an emotional rollercoaster. The world of social media was abuzz, and Rodrigo’s performance rapidly became a heated topic of discussion.

The Aftermath Rodrigo’s Bold Move Pays Off

Despite the divided opinions, there’s no denying that Olivia Rodrigo’s faux malfunction made headlines. The stunt underscored her position as a groundbreaking artist, willing to push boundaries for the sake of unforgettable performances.


The 2023 VMAs will long be remembered not just for its array of talents but also for the audacious stage act of Olivia Rodrigo. The staged “olivia rodrigo stage malfunction” will undoubtedly remain one of the most iconic moments in VMA history.


Was the stage malfunction during Olivia Rodrigo’s VMA performance real?
No, it was a planned stunt to create an unforgettable moment during her performance.

Which song was Olivia Rodrigo performing when the ‘malfunction’ occurred?
She was performing “Vampire,” which won the Best Editing award.

How did the audience react to the staged malfunction?
The audience had mixed reactions. Some were impressed by the creativity, while others felt deceived.

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