Did Ryan Day Have a Stint on the Football Field? A Dive into Ohio State Head Coach Background

Did Ryan Day play football? The simple answer is yes. As the current head coach of the illustrious Ohio State football team, Ryan Day’s presence in the football realm is indisputable. Yet, his journey, starting from his playing days, often raises intrigue among many.

  1. Summary of did ryan day play football
  2. Ryan Day’s Football Career at the University of New Hampshire
  3. Ryan Day’s Transition to Coaching
  4. Ohio State’s Current Football Season
  5. Ryan Day’s Contract with Ohio State
  6. Conclusion

Ryan Day holds the esteemed position of the head coach for Ohio State’s football program, a role many dream of. Having steered the Buckeyes to not one but two Big Ten championships and an appearance in the College Football Playoff, Day’s prowess in coaching is evident. But, his football journey started much earlier than his coaching stints.

Summary of did ryan day play football

Aspect Detail
Playing Years 1998-2001 at the University of New Hampshire
Major Playing Positions Quarterback and Linebacker
Transition to Coaching Began in 2002 as tight ends coach at UNH
Ohio State Current Season 6-0, ranked No. 4 nationally
Recent Game 42-25 win against Maryland
Contract with Ohio State Seven-year contract signed in May 2022, worth $9.5 million annually

Ryan Day’s Football Career at the University of New Hampshire

Between 1998 and 2001, Ryan Day wasn’t just a part of the University of New Hampshire football team; he was a pivotal player. As a three-year starter, he showcased his versatility playing both as a quarterback and a linebacker.

Day’s tenure as a quarterback was marked with records, setting four distinct career milestones at UNH. These achievements weren’t just numbers but a testament to his skills, earning him two All-Atlantic 10 Conference selections.

Switching to defense, Ryan Day embodied intensity. As a linebacker, his hard-hitting style became synonymous with leadership, culminating in him being named the team captain during his senior year.

Ryan Day’s Transition to Coaching

Post his playing days, Ryan didn’t hang up his football boots. Instead, he chose the path of coaching. Starting at his alma mater in 2002, he took on the role of a tight ends coach. This initiation into coaching was just the beginning.

Day’s journey in coaching saw him at the helm of offenses at Temple and Boston College. His expertise wasn’t unnoticed, and by 2017, he was a part of Urban Meyer’s coaching squad at Ohio State. A year later, with Meyer’s retirement, Day stepped into the big shoes of the head coach.

Ohio State’s Current Football Season

The Buckeyes are currently on a streak, boasting a 6-0 record and clinching the No. 4 rank nationally. Their offense, under Day’s guidance, has been nothing short of explosive, averaging over 40 points every game.

In a recent clash against Maryland, despite a sideline interference penalty against Day, Ohio State secured a 42-25 victory.

Ryan Day’s Contract with Ohio State

Ryan Day’s commendable work didn’t go unnoticed. In May 2022, Ohio State extended a seven-year contract to Day. With an annual value of $9.5 million, this deal places him among the elite, high-earning coaches in college football.


Ryan Day’s journey in football, from playing as a quarterback and linebacker at the University of New Hampshire to the head coach’s position at Ohio State, is both inspiring and impressive. His commitment to the sport is evident in every role he’s undertaken, rightfully answering the question, “Did Ryan Day play football?” with a resounding yes.


Did Ryan Day play college football?
Yes, Ryan Day played at the University of New Hampshire from 1998 to 2001.

When did Ryan Day start his coaching career?
Ryan Day began coaching in 2002, starting as a tight ends coach at the University of New Hampshire.

How long is Ryan Day’s contract with Ohio State?
Ryan Day signed a seven-year contract with Ohio State in May 2022.

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