Haris Rauf Bowling Speed Is He Breaking Records in the Cricketing World?

In recent times, one name has been echoing in the cricketing world when it comes to sheer pace and wicket-taking ability: Haris Rauf. Less than three years into his international career, this Pakistani sensation has already made waves with a bowling speed that has consistently crossed 150 kmph.

  1. Summary of haris rauf bowling speed
  2. Haris Rauf’s Career Overview
  3. Haris Rauf’s Fastest Delivery
  4. Notable Performances
  5. Haris Rauf’s Impact in Asia Cup
  6. Milestones and Achievements
  7. Haris Rauf’s Profile
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His journey has been nothing short of meteoric. From bowling his fastest delivery of 159 kmph during the T20 World Cup against England to putting on a show in various leagues, Rauf’s speed and skill have been the talk of the town. But how did he achieve this fame, and what makes his bowling so special? Let’s dive in.

Summary of haris rauf bowling speed

Highlight Information
International Debut 2021
Fastest Delivery 159 kmph during T20 World Cup 2021 against England
Notable Performance 4 wickets for 19 runs in HBL PSL 8
Achievement in Asia Cup 2023 Played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s victory
Milestone Tied third-fastest to 50 ODI wickets for Pakistan
Profile Information Source ESPNcricinfo

Haris Rauf’s Career Overview

Haris Rauf’s introduction to international cricket came in 2021. In a short span of time, he has participated in 62 T20Is, picking up 83 wickets. The intriguing fact here is the average – an impressive 21.71.

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Emerging from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, his fiery spells have been the cornerstone of many victories for his national side, ensuring his name remains etched in the memories of fans and opposition alike.

Haris Rauf’s Fastest Delivery

In 2021, during the T20 World Cup against England, Rauf bowled a delivery that was clocked at a mind-boggling 159 kmph. This wasn’t just a sign of his capability, but a testament to his dedication and hard work. It’s this very speed that has made him a revered name worldwide.

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Notable Performances

There are many matches where Haris Rauf’s bowling speed and skill have left spectators and opponents in awe. A classic example is his spell during the HBL PSL 8, where he terrorized the batsmen, finishing with figures of 4 for 19.

Another commendable feat was his performance against England, where he managed to bowl Pollard with a delivery clocking in at a whopping 154 kph. In PSL 2023, he again showcased his prowess, bowling the fastest delivery of the tournament at 95mph.

Haris Rauf’s Impact in Asia Cup

Asia Cup 2023 was a tournament where Rauf truly showcased his mettle. Being instrumental in Pakistan’s victory, he demolished the backbone of Bangladesh’s batting lineup. His lethal pace and accuracy made him the talk of the tournament.

Milestones and Achievements

Achievements galore, Haris Rauf’s journey has been studded with records. One of the most prominent being tying with the legendary Waqar Younis as the third-fastest to achieve 50 ODI wickets for Pakistan. His role was pivotal in Pakistan’s significant victory against India in Asia Cup 2023.

Haris Rauf’s Profile

For those keen on understanding more about this speedster, ESPNcricinfo offers an in-depth profile. Born in 1998 in Rawalpindi, Rauf’s cricketing journey began in earnest with his first-class debut in 2019. Right-arm fast and fierce, his style of play is characterized by aggressive bowling and an uncanny ability to pick up wickets, especially during the death overs.


Haris Rauf isn’t just a cricket player; he’s a phenomenon. With unmatched bowling speed and a knack for picking up crucial wickets, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the cricketing world. As he continues to shine and break records, cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await his next spell of magic.


Q: When did Haris Rauf make his international debut?
A: In 2021.

Q: How many wickets has he taken in T20Is as of now?
A: He has claimed 83 wickets in 62 T20Is.

Q: Which platform provides an in-depth profile on Haris Rauf?
A: ESPNcricinfo.

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