Has Naomi Osaka Welcomed a Baby? Her First Glimpse of Motherhood

Naomi Osaka, the acclaimed four-time Grand Slam singles champion, has stepped into the delightful world of motherhood. The 25-year-old tennis prodigy and her boyfriend Cordae, a prominent American rapper, recently celebrated the birth of their baby girl in Los Angeles.

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  2. Naomi’s First Glimpse of Motherhood
  3. A Star in the Making
  4. A Well-deserved Break
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Their little bundle of joy, named Shai, marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Sources close to the couple confirm that both the mother and baby are in good health, further enriching this joyous occasion. Notably, this is Osaka and Cordae’s first child.

Summary of “naomi osaka baby”

Aspect Details
Baby’s Name Shai
Date of Birth Unspecified
Location Los Angeles
Parents Naomi Osaka & Cordae
Tennis Plans Return at Australian Open

Naomi’s First Glimpse of Motherhood

Naomi Osaka did not hold back her excitement as she gave the world its first glimpse of baby Shai. On Thursday, she took to social media to share an endearing photo of her daughter, radiating pure bliss. The post echoed the sentiments of a proud mother, expressing her joy and gratitude for the overwhelming support she’s received.

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A Star in the Making

Naomi Osaka’s daughter Shai might have tennis in her genes. With a mother who’s a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, and the first Asian player to achieve such a feat, it won’t be a surprise if Shai takes an early interest in the sport.

A Well-deserved Break

Osaka took a momentary hiatus from tennis in 2022, prioritizing her mental well-being. However, her passion for the sport remains undiminished. Confirming her return, she’s geared up to play at the Australian Open next year, much to the excitement of her fans.

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Cordae’s Rising Popularity

Cordae, Naomi’s partner, has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. Known for his remixes of iconic tracks and his distinctive voice, he’s a name that’s gaining rapid traction in the music world.

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Looking Ahead

Post the birth of her daughter, Naomi Osaka is setting her sights on the Australian Open. Her return to the court is eagerly awaited by fans and fellow players alike. With her renewed energy and a new role as a mother, the tennis community anticipates her next moves on the court.


Q: Who is Naomi Osaka’s partner?
A: Naomi Osaka’s boyfriend is Cordae, a well-known American rapper.

Q: What is the name of Naomi Osaka’s baby?
A: Naomi Osaka and Cordae have named their baby girl “Shai.”

Q: Is Naomi planning to return to tennis?
A: Yes, Naomi Osaka has confirmed her participation in the upcoming Australian Open.

Q: Is this the first child for the couple?
A: Yes, Shai is the first child for both Naomi Osaka and Cordae.

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