How Al Roker Now? A Comprehensive Update on His Health and Recovery

Al Roker, an esteemed figure of the TODAY Show, has been through a series of health-related challenges lately. As of September 2023, the focus of many has been on the question, “how is Al Roker doing?” Drawing from recent events, this article aims to shed light on Al Roker’s health journey and his triumphant spirit.

  1. Summary of how is al roker doing
  2. Recovery from Blood Clots and Hospitalization (November 2022)
  3. Knee Surgery and Current Recovery (May 2023)
  4. Battle with Prostate Cancer (2020)
  5. Temporary Replacement on the Today Show
  6. Al Roker’s Positive Updates
  7. Supportive Family and Colleagues
  8. Al Roker’s Impact as a Weather Anchor
  9. Conclusion

Al Roker, widely known for his role as the weatherman on the TODAY Show, has always been open about his health. Recently, the question “how is Al Roker doing” has garnered significant attention due to his series of health challenges.

Summary of how is al roker doing

Date Event
November 2022 Hospitalized due to blood clots
January 2023 Made a return to the TODAY Show
May 9, 2023 Underwent knee replacement surgery
Current (Sep 2023) Actively recovering from knee surgery with physical therapy

Recovery from Blood Clots and Hospitalization (November 2022)

In November 2022, Al faced a hurdle when he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs. This event led to his brief hospitalization. Fortunately, he showcased his resilience by making a complete recovery.

Knee Surgery and Current Recovery (May 2023)

Fast-forwarding to May 9, 2023, Al underwent a knee replacement surgery. As of now, he’s diligently undergoing physical therapy and is on blood thinners to aid his recovery. His optimism remains a source of inspiration as he embarks on this recovery journey.

Battle with Prostate Cancer (2020)

Rewinding a bit, in 2020, Al shared a personal battle with prostate cancer with his viewers. Taking prompt action, he underwent surgery to remove his prostate and has been in good health, with no evidence of cancer recurrence.

Temporary Replacement on the Today Show

His health challenges resulted in a brief hiatus from the TODAY Show. In his absence, Dylan Dreyer stepped in, ensuring a seamless transition. Notably, Al made a robust comeback to the show on January 6, 2023.

Al Roker’s Positive Updates

Putting fans’ concerns at ease, Al regularly updates about his health on platforms like Instagram. One of his uplifting posts reads, “I’m doing great!” emphasizing that there’s no current evidence of cancer.

Supportive Family and Colleagues

Al’s journey hasn’t been solitary. His wife, Deborah Roberts, has been a pillar of strength. Moreover, the outpouring love and support from his TODAY Show family and fans have been nothing short of heartwarming.

Al Roker’s Impact as a Weather Anchor

Al Roker isn’t just a weatherman; he’s an institution. Over three decades, he has charmed audiences with his affable nature, simplifying complex weather updates for viewers. He is, without a doubt, the soul of the TODAY Show.


In conclusion, Al Roker remains a testament to strength and positivity. Although he’s had his share of health adversities, he continues to rebound with unmatched spirit. As he recuperates from his knee surgery, the world wishes him a swift recovery.


Q: How is Al Roker doing currently?
A: Al is actively recovering from a knee replacement surgery he underwent in May 2023.

Q: Was Al Roker diagnosed with prostate cancer?
A: Yes, in 2020, Al Roker was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has since undergone surgery and is currently free of cancer.

Q: When did Al Roker return to the TODAY Show after his hospitalization in 2022?
A: Al Roker made his comeback to the show on January 6, 2023.

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