How Old is Brad Marchand Now? Delving Into the Boston Bruins Captain Journey

Brad Marchand, the renowned captain of the Boston Bruins, is currently 35 years old. Born on May 11, 1988, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this NHL player has become an emblematic figure for the Boston Bruins, showcasing over a decade of dedication and unmatched skills.

  1. Summary of Brad Marchand’s Age
  2. Brad Marchand’s Early Career
  3. Family Life
  4. Brad Marchand’s Age and Background
  5. Brad Marchand as Boston Bruins Captain
  6. Brad Marchand’s Stats and Career
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This versatile player, weighing 176 pounds and standing at 5’9″, is not only known for his on-ice prowess but also for his robust involvement off the ice, particularly with his family and the Boston community. Dive in as we unveil more about his age, career, and life.

Summary of Brad Marchand’s Age

Aspect Information
Birthdate May 11, 1988
Current Age 35 years
Birthplace Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
NHL Draft 2006, 71st overall by the Boston Bruins
Bruins Captaincy 2023
2022-23 Season Goals & Points 21 goals, 61 points

Brad Marchand, the heartbeat of the Boston Bruins, has been with the team for more than a decade. Being 35, a pivotal age in the NHL, showcases his vast experience, which is reflected in his consistency and dedication on the ice.

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Brad Marchand’s Early Career

Starting his hockey journey at a tender age, Brad’s fiery persona was as famous as his burgeoning skills. Fast forward to 2006, the Boston Bruins spotted this gem and drafted him in their third round. By 2011, he was already making waves in the NHL, illustrating his rapid rise.

Family Life

Beyond the rink, Brad is a dedicated family man. Married to Katrina, they cherish moments with their two daughters, Sawyer and Rue. Not to forget, Sloane, his stepson, completes their beautiful family. His love for family parallels his love for hockey.

Brad Marchand’s Age and Background

The Halifax-born player, shooting left-handed, has an impressive record. Drafted 71st overall in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Bruins, Brad Marchand’s age and experience have shaped him into the formidable player he is today.

Brad Marchand as Boston Bruins Captain

2023 was a monumental year for Brad as he was honored with the captaincy of the Boston Bruins, becoming the first Nova Scotian to achieve this feat. His excitement is palpable, reflecting his unwavering commitment to lead the team to greater heights.

Brad Marchand’s Stats and Career

For those interested in numbers, is a treasure trove of Brad’s stats. Notably, in the 2022-23 season, he showcased his prowess with 21 goals and 61 points in 73 games, steering the Bruins to the playoffs.


To encapsulate, Brad Marchand’s age, 35, mirrors his prime years in the NHL. His illustrious journey, from his early years to his current role as the Bruins’ captain, demonstrates his unparalleled dedication and talent. Keep an eye out as this hockey maestro continues to set the ice ablaze.


Q: When was Brad Marchand born?
A: May 11, 1988.

Q: Who does Brad Marchand play for?
A: He plays for the Boston Bruins.

Q: When was Brad named the Bruins captain?
A: In 2023.

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