How Old Is Travis Barker? An Updated Look Into His Life

Travis Barker, an iconic figure in the music industry, was born on November 14, 1975, in Fontana, California. As of September 1, 2023, he is 47 years old. Known not only as a drummer but also as an actor, Travis Barker has consistently remained in the spotlight.

  1. Summary of how old is Travis Barker
  2. Early Life and Inspiration
  3. Musical Journey
  4. Acting and Other Ventures
  5. Business Endeavors
  6. Personal Life
  7. Recent Events
  8. Why He Continues to Fascinate Us

The artist’s journey began with drum lessons at age five, leading him to join the influential band Blink-182 in 1998. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated versatility, working with a wide array of artists and even dabbling in acting.

Summary of how old is Travis Barker

Date Event
November 14, 1975 Born in Fontana, California
1980 Began taking drum lessons
1998 Joined Blink-182
May 15, 2022 Married Kourtney Kardashian
2023 Rushed home for an ‘urgent family matter’
September 1, 2023 Currently 47 years old

Early Life and Inspiration

Travis Barker was encouraged by his mother to explore music. She bought him his first drum set at age four. At the age of five, he started taking drum lessons with a drummer named Michael Mai.

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Musical Journey

He joined the band Blink-182 in 1998. The band gained immense popularity, releasing multiple platinum albums like “Enema of the State” in 1999 and “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” in 2001. Barker’s skill behind the drum kit became synonymous with the band’s success.

Acting and Other Ventures

Travis Barker is not just about music. He has appeared in movies like “American Pie” in 1999, “Ride Along” in 2014, and “Spenser Confidential” in 2020. His interests are varied, demonstrating his versatile talent.

Business Endeavors

Barker is also an entrepreneur. He founded the clothing line Famous Stars and Straps. The line represents his style and has found a fanbase of its own.

Personal Life

Travis Barker has been married to Kourtney Kardashian since May 15, 2022. Prior to that, he was married to Shanna Moakler, and they have two children. His personal life often makes headlines, adding another layer to his public persona.

Recent Events

Recently, in 2023, Travis Barker had to rush home for an ‘urgent family matter,’ which also led to the postponement of several Blink-182 tour dates. As of September 1, 2023, there is significant public interest in what this ‘urgent family matter’ might be.

Why He Continues to Fascinate Us

Whether it’s his music, business ventures, or personal life, Travis Barker continues to be a topic of interest. It’s not just about how old is Travis Barker; it’s about how he has lived those years that fascinates us.


Q: How old is Travis Barker?
A: As of September 1, 2023, he is 47 years old.

Q: When did he join Blink-182?
A: He joined the band in 1998.

Q: Who is Travis Barker married to?
A: He is married to Kourtney Kardashian as of May 15, 2022.

I hope this article has adequately answered your queries about “how old is Travis Barker.” His multifaceted life makes him a continuously intriguing figure, and his age seems to be just a number when considering his extensive accomplishments.

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