How Tall is Nolan Gould? Unlocking the Height of Brilliance

Nolan Gould, renowned for portraying Luke Dunphy in ABC’s sitcom Modern Family, stands tall at 5′ 10½″ (1.79 m), a height revelation that contrasts significantly with his character on the show. Born on October 28, 1998, in New York City, this talented actor not only boasts a stellar acting career but also an impressive IQ of 150, securing him a spot in the prestigious MENSA.

  1. Summary of nolan gould height
  2. Nolan Gould’s Early Life and IQ
  3. Nolan Gould’s Official Social Media Presence
  4. Nolan Gould’s Height
  5. Nolan Gould’s Acting Career
  6. Nolan Gould’s Physical Statistics
  7. Comparison to Other Modern Family Actors
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Nolan Gould, best recognized for his character Luke Dunphy in Modern Family, has intrigued fans with his growth both in height and career. The nolan gould height is officially listed as 5′ 10½″ (1.79 m), a detail that has sparked curiosity among followers.

Summary of nolan gould height

Category Information
Birthdate October 28, 1998
Birthplace New York City, New York
Height 5′ 10½″ (1.79 m)
IQ 150
Occupation Actor
Notable Roles Luke Dunphy in Modern Family
Social Media Presence Facebook Fan Page, Instagram

Nolan Gould’s Early Life and IQ

Born to Edwin Gould in New York City, Nolan exhibited intellectual prowess from a young age. He flaunts an IQ of 150, which led to his inclusion in MENSA, a society that embraces individuals in the top 2% of intelligence. Remarkably, he cleared the GED at 13, showcasing his intellectual brilliance.

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Nolan Gould’s Official Social Media Presence

For those eager to delve deeper into Nolan’s life, his official Facebook Fan Page and Instagram account are treasure troves of updates and insights. Following him on these platforms offers a closer look into his journey.

Nolan Gould’s Height

Diving into the key focus, nolan gould height, we find that he stands at 5′ 10½″ (1.79 m). This height differentiation from his character in Modern Family showcases the transformation he has undergone, stepping into adulthood with a towering presence.

Nolan Gould’s Acting Career

Gould commenced his acting journey at a tender age, making a significant impact through commercials and TV shows. His role as Luke Dunphy marked a turning point, witnessing his evolution from a child actor to an adult, reflecting notably in his height and acting depth.

Nolan Gould’s Physical Statistics

Beyond height, Nolan’s physical attributes include a weight of 71 kg and varying measurements, contributing to his on-screen presence. While he maintains privacy regarding personal aspects, these statistics offer a glimpse into his physical persona.

Comparison to Other Modern Family Actors

Gould’s height aligns with Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s, making them among the tallest in Modern Family. This parallel growth is a testament to the actor’s developmental journey throughout the series.


Nolan Gould emerges as a multi-faceted personality, with a towering height of 5′ 10½″ and an IQ that sets him apart. Engaging with his social media profiles unravels more facets of this actor who transitioned splendidly from a child prodigy to a distinguished adult actor.


Q: What is Nolan Gould’s height?
A: Nolan Gould is 5′ 10½″ (1.79 m) tall.

Q: Is Nolan Gould a member of MENSA?
A: Yes, with an IQ of 150, Nolan Gould is a member of MENSA.

Q: Where was Nolan Gould born?
A: He was born in New York City, New York.

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