Is Anne Hathaway Married? Celebrating 11 Years with Husband Adam Shulman

The iconic actress Anne Hathaway recently marked her 11th wedding anniversary with husband Adam Shulman in 2023. The celebration came shortly after both she and Hollywood star Seth Meyers celebrated their respective anniversaries, with Meyers hitting the 10-year mark.

  1. Summary of anne hathaway married
  2. Anne Hathaway’s Marriage and Family Life
  3. Anne Hathaway’s 11th Anniversary Celebration
  4. Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s Relationship Timeline
  5. All About Adam Shulman
  6. Conclusion

Anne Hathaway and Seth Meyers, prominent figures in the Hollywood scene, share a heartwarming similarity. Both recently commemorated their wedding anniversaries. This year, Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman, celebrated their 11th anniversary.

Summary of anne hathaway married

Date Significant Event
2008 Anne and Adam meet through mutual friends.
2009 Their dating chapter begins.
2011 The couple gets engaged.
2012 The duo ties the knot.
2016 First son, Jonathan, is born.
2019 Second son, Jack, joins the family.

Anne Hathaway’s Marriage and Family Life

Anne Hathaway, known for her impeccable acting skills, has also been blessed with a happy family life. She tied the knot with actor and entrepreneur Adam Shulman in September 2012 after romancing for four years. The duo is parents to two adorable sons, Jonathan and Jack.

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Anne Hathaway’s 11th Anniversary Celebration

The celebration of Hathaway and Shulman’s 11th anniversary was an intimate affair. The couple indulged in a movie marathon, cuddling on their couch. Their mutual admiration for films is one of the many things that strengthen their bond year after year.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s Relationship Timeline

The journey of Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s relationship has been nothing short of a fairytale:

  • 2008: Their paths cross through mutual friends.
  • 2009: Love blossoms, and they start dating.
  • 2011: They decide to take the relationship further and get engaged.
  • 2012: The lovebirds seal their love with marriage vows.
  • 2016: They welcome their first son, Jonathan.
  • 2019: The family of three becomes four with the arrival of their second son, Jack.

All About Adam Shulman

But who exactly is the man who stole Anne Hathaway’s heart? Adam Shulman is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, producer, and co-founder of the jewelry brand, James Banks. He has showcased his acting prowess in films like “Ricki and the Flash” (2015) and “Song One” (2014). Upon their first meeting, Hathaway was so enchanted by him that she confidently told her friend, “I’m going to marry that man.” Her prophecy came true!


Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s relationship is the embodiment of love and commitment. Their 11th wedding anniversary celebration is a testament to their deep-rooted love and respect for each other. If you’re an admirer of Anne Hathaway or tales of lasting love, delve deeper into this couple’s inspiring journey.


1. When did Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman get married?
They got married in September 2012.

2. How did the couple celebrate their 11th anniversary?
They had a cozy movie marathon at home.

3. Do Anne and Adam have any children?
Yes, they have two sons, Jonathan and Jack.

4. What is Adam Shulman known for apart from being Anne’s husband?
Adam is an actor, producer, and co-founder of the jewelry company James Banks.

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