Is Blac Chyna and Tyga Son at the Heart of their Ongoing Legal and Financial Disputes?

Blac Chyna and Tyga, two figures frequently in the spotlight, are once again making headlines due to their ongoing legal disputes and financial challenges. Their son, King Cairo Stevenson, born in 2012, is seemingly at the center of these battles. Recently, Chyna has reportedly been selling her personal belongings to manage escalating legal costs, while Tyga insists he already shoulders a significant part of the responsibility by having their son six days a week.

  1. Summary of Blac Chyna and Tyga’s Son
  2. Blac Chyna’s Financial Struggles
  3. Tyga’s Response to Child Support Claims
  4. King Cairo Stevenson – Their Only Child
  5. Custody and Child Support Arrangements
  6. Tyga’s Reaction to Joint Custody Filing
  7. Conclusion

Blac Chyna, who used to be engaged to Tyga, is now battling over the legal and physical custody of their child. Financial challenges seem to be adding to the stress, with Chyna being forced to sell her possessions. The legal bills, she asserts, are mounting, which has compelled her to request financial support from Tyga.

Summary of Blac Chyna and Tyga’s Son

Topic Details
Parents Blac Chyna and Tyga
Child’s Name King Cairo Stevenson
Year of Birth 2012
Custody Disputes Ongoing
Financial Issues Blac Chyna’s mounting legal bills
Tyga’s Stance Has son six days a week
Blac Chyna’s Request Joint custody and financial support

Blac Chyna’s Financial Struggles

Blac Chyna’s financial woes have been in the public eye lately. Selling personal items like clothes, purses, and shoes, she is attempting to stay afloat. On top of these struggles, she’s asked Tyga for financial assistance, emphasizing the weight of legal bills on her current situation.

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Despite her financial challenges, Chyna remains determined in her pursuit. Selling possessions and asking Tyga for support demonstrates the lengths she’s willing to go to for the sake of their son.

Tyga’s Response to Child Support Claims

When accusations emerged suggesting Tyga should pay more in child support, he was quick to respond. Having King Cairo six days a week, Tyga emphasizes his commitment to their son. This perspective provides insight into their past relationship that began in 2011, leading to their son’s birth in 2012, and ending in a breakup in 2014.

However, regardless of past events, their son remains at the forefront of their current disagreements.

King Cairo Stevenson – Their Only Child

King Cairo Stevenson, born in 2012, is the only child of Blac Chyna and Tyga. Their past engagement and subsequent breakup revolve around their journey as parents. This child’s wellbeing and future are undeniably intertwined with the ongoing legal and financial challenges his parents face.

Every development in their legal saga impacts King Cairo, emphasizing the importance of the outcomes.

Custody and Child Support Arrangements

Blac Chyna’s bid for joint custody has been a notable point in their disputes. Tyga, on the other hand, appears to have mixed feelings about this request. Given the latest events, it’s clear that their legal battles are far from over.

The resolution of these issues will play a critical role in determining the future of their son’s upbringing.

Tyga’s Reaction to Joint Custody Filing

Tyga didn’t hold back in his response to Blac Chyna’s legal move. He publicly urged her to “Stick to Your Schedule,” hinting at their internal arrangements. While it’s just a glimpse, it does reveal Tyga’s feelings and perspective on the matter.

Every statement in this high-profile case garners public attention, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship.


The ongoing legal disputes between Blac Chyna and Tyga, centered around their son, King Cairo Stevenson, reflect the complexities of co-parenting in the spotlight. While financial challenges and legal bills mount, the primary concern remains the wellbeing of their child.

Q: Who are King Cairo Stevenson’s parents?
A: King Cairo Stevenson is the son of Blac Chyna and Tyga.

Q: When was King Cairo born?
A: King Cairo Stevenson was born in 2012.

Q: Are Blac Chyna and Tyga currently together?
A: No, they broke up in 2014 after dating for three years.

Q: What are the current legal disputes about?
A: The disputes mainly revolve around the custody of their son and financial support.

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