Is Chris Evert Currently Married? A Dive into the Tennis Pro Relationship Timeline

Chris Evert, renowned as a tennis sensation with 18 Grand Slam singles titles under her belt, is a name that resonates with many tennis enthusiasts. Despite her achievements on the court, the personal life of this former world No.1 player has been a topic of intrigue for many. As of 2023, Chris Evert is not married, having last been wedded to Greg Norman in 2009. But what is the complete story of her marital journey?

  1. Chris Evert’s Marital History
  2. Summary of “is chris evert married”
  3. Chris Evert’s Current Marital Status
  4. Professional Ventures
  5. Public Perception
  6. Conclusion
  7. Additional Information

Chris Evert’s Marital History

Evert’s personal life has been as captivating as her professional accomplishments.

Summary of “is chris evert married”

Aspect Detail
Current Marital Status Not married (as of 2023)
Total Marriages Three (John Lloyd, Andy Mill, Greg Norman)
Children Three sons (Alexander, Nicholas, Colton)
Professional Ventures Evert Tennis Academy, Commentator & Analyst
Public Perception Mixed (Appreciation for honesty, critique for divorces)
Notable Achievement Inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame 1995

First Husband: John Lloyd
Chris’s marital journey began with fellow tennis player John Lloyd in 1979. Their youthful romance was the talk of the tennis world, but by 1987, the relationship reached its conclusion.

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Second Husband: Andy Mill
Year 1988 saw Chris tying the knot with American downhill skier Andy Mill. The couple was blessed with three sons: Alexander in 1991, Nicholas in 1994, and Colton in 1996. However, after 18 years of togetherness, their paths diverged in 2006.

Third Husband: Greg Norman
2008 was marked by Evert’s union with golf legend Greg Norman. This union, however, was short-lived, concluding in 2009.

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Chris Evert’s Current Marital Status

Delving into the present, Chris Evert has not taken any matrimonial vows since her separation from Greg Norman. It’s been over a decade since her last marital endeavor, and the tennis star seems content in her solo journey.

Professional Ventures

Beyond her marital life, Evert’s passion for tennis has never waned.

Chris, in collaboration with her brother John, established the Evert Tennis Academy in Florida. Furthermore, she continues to be a voice of authority in the sport, serving as a commentator and analyst, echoing her insights and expertise.

Public Perception

The mosaic of Evert’s relationships has always been under the media’s microscope.

While some view her multiple marital endeavors critically, others appreciate her forthrightness about her personal journey. Social media, too, showcases a spectrum of opinions, reflecting the diverse sentiments of her fans and the general public.


While the realms of love and relationships have seen its ebbs and flows for Chris Evert, her stature as a tennis icon remains unwavering. Currently unattached, Evert is a beacon of success, both professionally and as a mother.

Additional Information

  • Evert graced the International Tennis Hall of Fame with her induction in 1995.
  • Her autobiography, “Chrissie”, offers a deep dive into her life.
  • Brands like Rolex and Evian have her as their spokesperson.
  • Through the Chris Evert Foundation, she champions educational opportunities for needy children.


  • Has Chris Evert remarried after her divorce from Greg Norman?
    No, she has remained single since 2009.
  • How many times has Chris Evert been married?
    She has been married three times.
  • What are the names of Chris Evert’s children?
    She has three sons: Alexander, Nicholas, and Colton.
  • Does Chris Evert currently have any association with tennis?
    Yes, she runs the Evert Tennis Academy and serves as a commentator and analyst.

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