Is Damian Lewis Moving On After the Heartbreaking Loss of His Wife?

damien lewis wife

Damian Lewis, the acclaimed English actor known for his roles in “Homeland,” “Billions,” and “Band of Brothers,” recently experienced a profound loss in his personal life. His wife of over a decade, Helen McCrory, tragically passed away in 2021. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Damian’s life, exploring his relationship with Helen, his recent ventures in love, and his commendable charitable endeavors during these challenging times.

  1. Summary of damien lewis wife
  2. Damian Lewis’ Wife Helen McCrory
  3. Helen McCrory’s Passing
  4. Damian Lewis’ Tribute
  5. Damian Lewis’ New Love Alison Mosshart
  6. Charity Work During COVID-19
  7. Conclusion

Damian Lewis’ prominence isn’t confined only to his cinematic achievements. His personal life, marked by both love and sorrow, has garnered significant attention, especially after the passing of his talented wife, Helen McCrory.

Summary of damien lewis wife

Key Events Date/Year
Damian and Helen McCrory first meet 2003
Their marriage 2007
Birth of their daughter, Manon 2006
Birth of their son, Gulliver 2007
Helen McCrory’s tragic demise April 2021
Damian’s tribute on National Poetry Day October 2021
Damian spotted with Alison Mosshart July 2022

Damian Lewis’ Wife Helen McCrory

The union between Damian Lewis and the gifted actress Helen McCrory began in 2003 when the two met during a play. Their love story led to marriage in 2007, blessing them with two children, Manon and Gulliver. Helen’s artistic versatility graced several films and TV shows, including “Peaky Blinders,” “Harry Potter,” and “Skyfall.” Beyond her roles, she stood strong as an advocate for social justice and women’s rights.

Helen McCrory’s Passing

The world, especially Damian, faced a massive blow in April 2021 when Helen McCrory succumbed to breast cancer at the tender age of 52. Damian’s anguish over her passing was palpable, evident in his words: “Helen was an even more brilliant actress than she was a beautiful woman. But what mattered most to her was her family and friends. She was the heart and soul of our lives.”

Damian Lewis’ Tribute

Grief found a poignant outlet when Damian Lewis penned a tribute to his late wife. Released on National Poetry Day in October 2021, his heartfelt words encapsulated the essence of their shared life and love. He remembered Helen as the “heart and soul” of their family, underlining her brilliance both as an actress and a person.

Damian Lewis’ New Love Alison Mosshart

The winds of change brought new love to Damian’s life. In July 2022, he was seen with the renowned musician Alison Mosshart, igniting speculations about a blossoming relationship. Notably, Alison shared a close bond with Helen McCrory, adding another layer of depth to their relationship.

Charity Work During COVID-19

Damian’s compassion extended beyond his immediate family. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he and Helen supported Feed NHS, aiming to provide meals from renowned restaurants to NHS staff. Their efforts bore fruit, raising £1m by April 2020. This initiative began in London, with plans to extend its reach across the UK.


The story of Damian Lewis’ wife, Helen McCrory, is a tale of talent, passion, and deep love. Despite the heart-wrenching loss, Damian has displayed immense strength, both in his personal life and charitable pursuits. As he forges ahead, possibly with a new companion, his journey serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nuances of life.


Who was Damian Lewis’ wife?
Helen McCrory, a talented actress known for roles in “Peaky Blinders,” “Harry Potter,” and more.

When did Helen McCrory pass away?
She passed away in April 2021 after battling breast cancer.

Is Damian Lewis in a new relationship?
In July 2022, he was seen with musician Alison Mosshart, sparking relationship rumors.

How did Damian and Helen contribute during the COVID-19 pandemic?
They supported the Feed NHS initiative, helping raise £1m to provide meals for NHS staff.

— by Mayank Bansal