Is Daniel Farke Married? Discovering Marisa Leonie Bach, the Enigma Beside the Manager

In recent days, the name “daniel farke wife” has surged in online searches, especially among fans of EFL Championship club Leeds United. As of September 2023, Daniel Farke, a German football manager and ex-player, helms this esteemed club. While many recognize him for his managerial prowess, few details about his personal life are widely known. Let’s delve into what’s known and uncover the mysteries surrounding Marisa Leonie Bach, Farke’s lesser-known half.

  1. Summary of daniel farke wife
  2. Is Daniel Farke Married?
  3. Daniel Farke’s Personal Life
  4. The Mystery of Marisa Leonie Bach
  5. Rumors and Speculation
  6. Daniel Farke’s Career
  7. Conclusion

Daniel Farke, revered in the football arena, has always kept a tight lid on his personal life. His commitment to football is undeniable, but away from the pitch, he’s an enigmatic figure, especially regarding his family.

Summary of daniel farke wife

Date Event
2009 Farke starts managerial career at SV Lippstadt
2015 Farke manages Borussia Dortmund II
2017 Takes over Norwich City
2019 & 2021 Leads Norwich to Premier League
2022 Appointed at Russian club Krasnodar, resigns shortly after
2022 Manages Borussia Mönchengladbach, exits after a season
July 2023 Assumes role at Leeds United

Is Daniel Farke Married?

Yes, for those wondering, Daniel Farke is indeed married. The lady in question is Marisa Leonie Bach. Interestingly, their paths crossed during Farke’s tenure as a youth coach at Borussia Dortmund, where Marisa worked as a German teacher.

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Daniel Farke’s Personal Life

Beyond his strategic plays and football decisions, Farke is a doting father to two, a son and a daughter. He is a family man at heart and cherishes the moments spent with Marisa and their children.

The Mystery of Marisa Leonie Bach

Marisa Leonie Bach remains an enigmatic figure in the public eye. Unlike her husband who’s frequently in the spotlight due to his profession, Marisa embraces a private life. This choice, supported by Farke, ensures their family moments remain intimate.

Rumors and Speculation

The lack of public details about “daniel farke wife” has inevitably sparked rumors and speculations. Though whispers and conjectures do the rounds, it’s pivotal to remember that no concrete details about their marriage have been officially confirmed.

Daniel Farke’s Career

Embarking on his managerial journey in 2009 with SV Lippstadt, Farke has donned multiple managerial hats. Notably, under his leadership, Norwich City twice ascended from the Championship to the Premier League. However, 2023 saw him taking the reins at Leeds United, a testament to his ever-evolving career.


While Daniel Farke’s football achievements are in plain sight, his personal life, especially concerning Marisa Leonie Bach, remains shadowed. It’s a testament to their commitment to safeguarding their private sphere. We must respect their wishes and admire Farke not just as a masterful manager but also as a dedicated family man.

Q1: Who is Daniel Farke’s wife?
Marisa Leonie Bach.

Q2: How did Daniel Farke meet Marisa Leonie Bach?
They met while Farke was working as a youth coach at Borussia Dortmund and Marisa was a German teacher.

Q3: How many children does Daniel Farke have?
He has two children, a son and a daughter.

Q4: Which club does Daniel Farke currently manage?
As of 2023, he manages Leeds United.

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