Is David Gilmour Black Strat the Most Iconic Guitar in Rock History?

david gilmour black strat

David Gilmour’s Black Strat stands as a legendary icon in rock history, known for its unmistakable sound that shaped many of Pink Floyd’s most iconic albums. Bought by Gilmour in 1970 from a New York instrument store, this standard model Fender Stratocaster, sprayed over in black, would go on to make music history. Not just an instrument, but a beacon of musical artistry, its remarkable journey from a music store to the record-breaking auction rooms, exemplifies its timeless significance.

  1. Summary of david gilmour black strat
  2. The Birth of a Legend
  3. More Than Just Wood and Strings
  4. Transformations Over Time
  5. Chronicling the Journey
  6. Gilmour and His Strat
  7. A Lasting Legacy

Beyond its aesthetics and sound, the Black Strat’s association with Pink Floyd’s chart-topping albums like “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Animals,” and “The Wall” has elevated it to a revered status. The guitar’s unmistakable sound, intertwined with Pink Floyd’s legacy, has indeed left an indelible mark on the fabric of rock music.

Summary of david gilmour black strat

Key Events Date/Data
Gilmour purchases the Black Strat 1970
Used in “The Dark Side of the Moon” 1973
Played in “Wish You Were Here” 1975
Featured in “Animals” 1977
Dominates in “The Wall” 1980
Record-breaking sale at auction $3,975,000 in 2019
“The Black Strat 4th edition” released 2020

The Birth of a Legend

The story began in 1970. On a trip to New York, David Gilmour stumbled upon the Black Strat in a musical instrument store. This standard Fender Stratocaster, despite its modest beginnings, immediately captivated Gilmour with its sound and playability.

From then on, the Black Strat became synonymous with Gilmour’s genius. The sublime notes of songs like “Money” and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” owe their existence to this guitar’s unique resonance.

More Than Just Wood and Strings

In 2019, the world witnessed the astronomical value of the Black Strat when billionaire Jim Irsay purchased it for a record-breaking $3,975,000. This price was not just for the instrument, but for its historical significance, bearing witness to many pivotal moments in music history.

Transformations Over Time

While the Black Strat underwent minor modifications over the years, Gilmour remained committed to preserving its original character and sound. It’s this dedication that has kept the guitar’s legacy alive and intact, continually echoing the sounds of Pink Floyd’s golden era.

Chronicling the Journey

2020 saw the release of “The Black Strat 4th edition,” a book that intricately details the guitar’s storied journey. It’s a testament to the guitar’s influence, offering fans a deep dive into its entwined history with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd.

Gilmour and His Strat

To Gilmour, the Black Strat was never just a musical instrument. It was an extension of his soul, a partner in creating some of rock music’s most memorable melodies. This profound connection between musician and instrument is what makes the Black Strat truly legendary.

A Lasting Legacy

David Gilmour’s Black Strat is not just a piece of music history; it’s a testament to artistic dedication and musical evolution. Its notes, reverberating through Pink Floyd’s classic tracks, serve as a timeless reminder of rock music’s golden era.


What albums featured the Black Strat?
David Gilmour used the Black Strat in iconic Pink Floyd albums like “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Animals,” and “The Wall.”

Who currently owns the Black Strat?
In 2019, billionaire Jim Irsay purchased the Black Strat for a record-breaking $3,975,000.

Were there any changes made to the Black Strat?
Over the years, the guitar saw minor modifications, but Gilmour was keen on preserving its original sound and character.

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