Is Dolph Lundgren Daughter, Ida Lundgren, as Close-Knit with Him as It Seems?

Dolph Lundgren, the 65-year-old martial artist and action-movie star, renowned for his roles in iconic films, shares a notably close relationship with his daughter, Ida Lundgren. With recent events highlighting their bond, including a vacation in Mykonos, the duo’s interactions have caught public attention.

  1. Summary of Dolph Lundgren Daughter
  2. Dolph Lundgren’s Personal Life
  3. Dolph Lundgren in the Entertainment Industry
  4. Dolph Lundgren’s Family Life
  5. Dolph Lundgren’s Public Appearances
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The famed actor, not just known for his roles but also for his martial arts background, has two grown-up daughters from his first marriage. Recent times have seen Dolph tie the knot again, with Emma Krokdal, sparking curiosity about the family dynamics.

Summary of Dolph Lundgren Daughter

Aspect Details
Father’s Name Dolph Lundgren
Daughter’s Name Ida Lundgren
Age of Dolph Lundgren 65 years
Recent Event Marriage to Emma Krokdal
Vacation Spot Mykonos, Greece
Career of Dolph Lundgren Martial Artist, Action-Movie Star
Connection in Industry Jason Statham and other action stars
Instagram Following of Ida 194K Followers

Dolph Lundgren’s Personal Life

Dolph Lundgren’s history boasts a fling with Grace Jones in the Bahamas. Born in Sweden, the 65-year-old has a robust martial arts background, accentuating his diverse life experiences. He has fathered two daughters in his first marriage, shedding light on his personal life.

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The announcement of his recent marriage to Emma Krokdal in Mykonos has also become a talking point. The ceremony witnessed a blend of joy and intimacy, attended by close friends and family.

Dolph Lundgren in the Entertainment Industry

The action star’s association with names like Jason Statham marks his prominence in the industry. Dolph has shared the frame with a plethora of action heroes, signifying his lasting presence. The evolution of his career remains a testament to his adaptability and prowess in the field.

Movies, collaborations, and a series of appearances have kept him in the public eye. Whether it’s sharing screen space with Sylvester Stallone or appearing in a WWE event, Dolph Lundgren’s versatility is evident.

Dolph Lundgren’s Family Life

A glimpse into Dolph Lundgren’s family life introduces us to his daughter, Ida Lundgren. Their public appearances together in Beverly Hills have drawn attention, showcasing their familial bond.

Dolph Lundgren’s disclosure of an eight-year battle with lung cancer adds a layer of depth to his life story. The interaction and relationship between him and Ida during this period have been noteworthy.

Queries regarding Ida’s sentiments towards Dolph’s new wife, Emma Krokdal, have surfaced, adding a layer of intrigue to the family narrative.

Dolph Lundgren’s Public Appearances

Dolph’s appearances with his family at various events have been well-documented. A particular family moment at the premiere of “Expendables” highlighted the familial bonds.

The actor’s recent vacation with his daughter, captured on July 15, 2023, showcased him soaking up the sun, depicting a cherished father-daughter moment.


Dolph Lundgren’s life, both personal and professional, is a tapestry of varied experiences. His strong bond with daughter Ida Lundgren has been evident through public appearances and shared moments.

The recent developments in his marital life, combined with family vacations in Mykonos, continue to add chapters to the intriguing story of Dolph Lundgren and his daughter.

Q: Who is Dolph Lundgren’s daughter?
A: Dolph Lundgren’s daughter is Ida Lundgren.

Q: Did Dolph Lundgren recently get married?
A: Yes, Dolph Lundgren recently married Emma Krokdal in Mykonos.

Q: Has Dolph Lundgren worked with other action stars?
A: Yes, Dolph Lundgren has worked with action stars like Jason Statham.

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