Is Jason Jordan Kurt Angle Son? the WWE Storyline and Real-Life Events

Jason Jordan, who was presented as the long-lost son of WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, has been a topic of discussion among wrestling fans for years. Starting his career in 2014, he quickly became an integral part of the WWE universe. Although he faced a severe neck injury in 2018 that has sidelined him till now, he’s found a new role as a WWE backstage producer.

  1. Summary of Kurt Angle Son
  2. The Formation of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins Tag Team
  3. The 2018 Royal Rumble and Neck Injury
  4. Current Role as Backstage Producer
  5. The Disbanding of American Alpha and Kurt Angle’s Son Storyline
  6. Wrestling Fans’ Fascination with Kurt Angle’s Son
  7. Kurt Angle’s Background and Family
  8. Fans’ Reactions and Social Media Reunion
  9. Conclusion

Jason Jordan made his remarkable main roster debut in 2017, partnering with Seth Rollins. The duo defeated The Revival and went on to win the Raw Tag Team Championships, holding the title for a good 100 days. However, it was the neck injury at the 2018 Royal Rumble that changed the course of his wrestling career.

Summary of Kurt Angle Son

Topic Description
Wrestling Debut Jason Jordan started in 2014 in NXT
Raw Tag Team Jordan won the title in 2017 with Seth Rollins
Neck Injury Jordan suffered a neck injury in 2018 Royal Rumble
Current Role As of 2023, he serves as a WWE backstage producer

The Formation of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins Tag Team

Jason Jordan initially rose to fame through his tag team with Seth Rollins. Together, they displayed excellent in-ring chemistry. Their partnership led to them winning the Raw Tag Team Championships in 2017.

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The duo was the talk of the town for quite some time. They held the title for an impressive 100 days, showcasing their prowess and setting the stage for Jordan’s promising career.

The 2018 Royal Rumble and Neck Injury

Jordan’s rising career hit a stumbling block when he suffered a neck injury during the 2018 Royal Rumble. The seriousness of the injury forced him to step away from active competition.

It was a heartbreaking moment, not only for Jordan but also for the millions of fans who had high hopes for him. The injury led him to vacate the Raw Tag Team Championships, and he hasn’t returned to active competition since.

Current Role as Backstage Producer

Life came full circle for Jason Jordan as he transitioned from an in-ring performer to a backstage producer. Currently, Jordan is instrumental in building storylines and training new talents.

He may not be wrestling now, but his influence behind the scenes is unquestionable. The WWE Universe still gets to feel his touch in the storylines and matches we see today.

The Disbanding of American Alpha and Kurt Angle’s Son Storyline

Before his stint on the Raw roster, Jordan was part of the American Alpha in NXT. However, the tag team disbanded in 2017. The storyline that followed presented Jordan as Kurt Angle’s son.

This unique angle sparked curiosity and debate among fans. Although the team of Angle and Jordan was short-lived, the storyline left a lasting impression and garnered mixed reactions.

Wrestling Fans’ Fascination with Kurt Angle’s Son

The story of Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle’s son added an element of drama and mystery that captivated fans. The lack of concrete evidence or backstory kept fans guessing, adding layers to the storyline.

Many theories have been suggested over the years, but nothing has been confirmed. It remains a hot topic, often revived by the latest events or social media posts related to Kurt Angle and his family.

Kurt Angle’s Background and Family

Born on December 9, 1968, Kurt Angle has a wrestling career that most can only dream of. He’s not just a WWE superstar but also an Olympic gold medalist.

Fans’ Reactions and Social Media Reunion

Recently in 2023, Kurt Angle posted a photo with his son, Kody. The internet was quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between Kody and Jason Jordan, leading to hilarious memes and comments.

This social media uproar added fuel to the ongoing interest and speculation around the storyline of Kurt Angle’s son, highlighting the saga’s enduring appeal.


While Jason Jordan’s wrestling career faced unfortunate roadblocks, he found a way to contribute to the industry he loves. From being a Raw Tag Team Champion to serving as a backstage producer, Jordan has proved that setbacks are just setups for comebacks. And as for being Kurt Angle’s son? Well, that’s a storyline that continues to fascinate and puzzle fans to this day.


Is Jason Jordan really Kurt Angle’s son?
No, the storyline of Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle’s son was a fictional narrative created by WWE for entertainment purposes.

When did Jason Jordan start his wrestling career?
Jason Jordan started his professional wrestling career in NXT in 2014.

What is Jason Jordan’s current role?
As of 2023, Jason Jordan serves as a backstage producer in WWE.

Will Jason Jordan return to wrestling?
There’s no official confirmation about his return to active competition, especially considering his severe neck injury in 2018.

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