Is Miss USA Transgender 2023, Noelia Voigt, Making History?

miss usa transgender 2023

On September 29, 2023, Noelia Voigt from Utah was crowned as Miss USA, marking a significant turning point in the pageant’s history. Voigt became the first transgender woman to clinch the title. This event is a testament to the evolving nature of beauty pageants, reflecting a move towards greater inclusivity and acceptance.

  1. Summary of miss usa transgender 2023
  2. Noelia Voigt’s Victory
  3. Transgender Representation
  4. Changing Beauty Pageant Standards
  5. Rikkie Kollé First Transgender Winner
  6. Previous Titleholders
  7. Kataluna Enriquez’s Journey
  8. Debunking Misinformation
  9. Conclusion

The Miss USA 2023 pageant didn’t just celebrate beauty, but also the breaking of boundaries, setting a precedent for other beauty pageants around the world.

Summary of miss usa transgender 2023

Date Data Summary
September 29, 2023 Noelia Voigt of Utah is crowned Miss USA 2023. Voigt is the first transgender woman to win the title.
July 2023 Rikkie Kollé wins the Miss Netherlands pageant. Kollé is the first transgender woman to clinch Miss Netherlands.
2022 R’Bonney Gabriel is crowned Miss USA. Gabriel, the predecessor to Voigt, will be representing the US at Miss Universe 2023.
2021 Kataluna Enriquez steps on the Miss USA stage. Enriquez is noted for being the first out transgender Miss USA contestant.

The 2023 Miss USA pageant was nothing short of historic. Not only did we witness Noelia Voigt being crowned, but this event also came after a series of changes. Now, the pageant proudly permits married and transgender women to grace its stage.

Noelia Voigt’s Victory

Miss USA 2022, Morgan Romano of North Carolina, passed on her crown to Voigt. A 28-year-old model and staunch transgender rights activist, Voigt’s win sends a powerful message about chasing dreams, irrespective of one’s background or identity.

Transgender Representation

This wasn’t the first time a transgender contestant made headlines. The participation of Miss Netherlands, also a transgender woman, in Miss Universe has further solidified the pageant industry’s stance on diversity and inclusion.

Changing Beauty Pageant Standards

Beauty pageants, especially Miss USA, have been undergoing metamorphosis. Changes like permitting married and transgender women and even eliminating the swimsuit round point towards a more inclusive future. A notable instance is Juliana Morehouse, the first married woman to compete, reflecting the wind of change.

Rikkie Kollé First Transgender Winner

July 2023 witnessed another groundbreaking moment when Rikkie Kollé was crowned Miss Netherlands, another first for a transgender woman. Fans eagerly await her performance in the Miss Universe 2023 competition.

Previous Titleholders

Before Voigt, it was R’Bonney Gabriel wearing the crown. Gabriel, 29, a fervent advocate for sustainability and social justice, is now preparing to represent the United States at Miss Universe 2023.

Kataluna Enriquez’s Journey

In 2021, Kataluna Enriquez became a beacon of hope for many when she became the first out transgender Miss USA contestant. An advocate for LGBTQ+ representation, Enriquez’s journey is an emblem of resilience and determination.

Debunking Misinformation

As with many significant events, rumors tend to circulate. One such false claim was that Miss Netherlands’ crown was given to the runner-up post Kollé’s win. This is unfounded. Kollé remains Miss Netherlands and is gearing up for Miss Universe 2023. Furthermore, contrary to some opinions, Miss USA continues to hold its relevance, standing tall as a major beauty pageant globally.


Miss USA 2023 heralded a new era for beauty pageants with Noelia Voigt’s win. Emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity, this year’s event reminds us all of the power of representation and breaking traditional norms.

1. When was Noelia Voigt crowned Miss USA 2023?
She was crowned on September 29, 2023.

2. Who is the first transgender woman to win Miss Netherlands?
Rikkie Kollé won the title in July 2023.

4. Was Kataluna Enriquez the first transgender Miss USA?
No, she was the first out transgender contestant. The first transgender winner of Miss USA is Noelia Voigt in 2023.

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