Is Weston McKennie Salary Justifying His Talents?

Weston McKennie, an esteemed name in professional football, is primarily recognized for his roles in the Premier League club, Leeds United, and the U.S. national team. The underlying article underscores the intricate facets of Weston McKennie’s salary, his contract specifics, and his net worth.

  1. Summary of weston mckennie salary
  2. Weston McKennie’s Current Salary
  3. Contract Details
  4. Contract Duration and Expiry
  5. Total Contract Value
  6. Salary Breakdown
  7. Weston McKennie’s Earnings at Juventus
  8. Previous Salary at Juventus
  9. Buy Option in Weston McKennie’s Leeds Deal
  10. Transfer News and Speculations
  11. Conclusion

Weston McKennie’s illustrious journey in professional football spans across clubs like Juventus and now Leeds United. This article’s core objective is to shed light on the financial aspect of his career, particularly concerning his salary, contract details, and overall net worth.

Summary of weston mckennie salary

Statistic Value
Current salary $4.5 million (estimated)
Contract 2 years remaining
Total contract value $3,329,972.24
Annual salary $3,320,331
Weekly wages $63,853
Earnings at Juventus £49,000 per week, £2,548,000 per year
Net worth £9,432,800
Age 23 years old

Weston McKennie’s Current Salary

There’s no denying that McKennie’s financial remuneration in football has witnessed a notable surge. The preceding season saw him pocketing a sum of $3.47 million at Juventus. Presently, a spike in his earnings is anticipated as he is poised to make “well over $4.5 million” at Leeds, a figure backed by reports from La Gazzette dello Sport.

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Contract Details

Contract Duration and Expiry

Our focus shifts to his existing contract with Juventus that will see its conclusion on June 30, 2025. This indicates that 2 years and a gross salary of €6,420,000 remain to be claimed by the athlete.

Total Contract Value

Further elucidating the contract, it spans a tenure of 3 years with a cumulative worth of $3,329,972.24.

Salary Breakdown

If we dissect this contract, we discern that McKennie’s annual salary stands at $3,320,331. Additionally, on a weekly scale, his earnings are pegged at $63,853.

Weston McKennie’s Earnings at Juventus

Diving into McKennie’s financial expedition at Juventus, he commands a weekly salary of £49,000, accumulating to £2,548,000 annually. A holistic view of his finances places his net worth at a commendable £9,432,800. At 23, his future in football indeed looks promising.

Previous Salary at Juventus

Circling back to September 2020, McKennie inked a deal with Juventus, which endowed him with an annual salary of 2.5 million Euros (approximately 2.2 million Pounds). It’s noteworthy that his salary metrics have largely remained constant since then.

Buy Option in Weston McKennie’s Leeds Deal

Weston’s transition to Leeds United came with certain financial intricacies. His agreement encompasses a $37 million buy option, contingent upon him marking 10 appearances and Leeds evading relegation. The initial loan fee was set at $1.6 million.

Transfer News and Speculations

The football grapevine is abuzz with discussions regarding McKennie’s prospective transfers, with prominent names like Juventus and Leeds United thrown into the mix. The speculation ranges from potential transfer fees to McKennie’s future with these clubs.


Weston McKennie’s professional trajectory, paired with his financial strides, speaks volumes about his prowess on the field. The recent enhancements in his “weston mckennie salary” validate the growing acknowledgment of his talent. As football enthusiasts, it’s exhilarating to track his onward and upward journey.


  1. How much is Weston McKennie’s current salary?
    He is expected to earn well over $4.5 million at Leeds.
  2. What was McKennie’s salary at Juventus?
    He had been earning $3.47 million during his previous season at Juventus.
  3. What’s the duration left on his contract with Juventus?
    He has 2 years remaining on his contract that will expire on June 30, 2025.
  4. What is the buy option in McKennie’s Leeds deal?
    The deal has a $37 million buy option if he plays 10 matches and Leeds avoids relegation.

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