Justin Hawkins Wife Who is She Amidst the Rockstar Evolving Personal Life?

Justin Hawkins, the renowned lead singer and guitarist of The Darkness, has been the focal point of countless stories. As his music continued to touch the hearts of millions, so too did the tales of his personal life, particularly about his wife. This article aims to shed light on this captivating aspect of his life.

  1. Summary of Justin Hawkins Wife
  2. Justin Hawkins’ Musical Journey
  3. Previous Relationships
  4. Marriage to Sarah Hawkins
  5. Recent Developments
  6. Sarah Hawkins’ Background
  7. Justin Hawkins’ Current Lifestyle
  8. Conclusion

Justin Hawkins is not only celebrated for his musical prowess but also for his intriguing personal life. The founder and the electrifying lead singer of The Darkness, Hawkins has always managed to stay in the limelight. This piece especially emphasizes the narrative surrounding his wife.

Summary of Justin Hawkins Wife

Aspect Information
Musician Justin Hawkins
Band The Darkness
Former Fiancée Sue Whitehouse
Wife Sarah Hawkins
Current Relationship Singer Désirée Mishoe
Child Daughter (Name not publicly revealed)
Residence Switzerland
Recent Development Split from Sarah, now dating Désirée Mishoe

Justin Hawkins’ Musical Journey

From being the frontman of The Darkness to his contributions as an internet personality, Hawkins has adorned many hats. He’s significantly influenced by numerous guitarists, as he recently shared. His life in music and his personal life have often intertwined, making his journey even more captivating.

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Previous Relationships

Justin’s love life has seen several phases. He was once engaged to Sue Whitehouse, the band’s former manager. However, their relationship took a downturn in 2003, partly due to Hawkins’ battle with drug addiction. He also had past engagements with Kathryn Biddle and connections with names like Helena Linder.

Marriage to Sarah Hawkins

In the midst of the highs and lows, Sarah Hawkins emerged as a beacon of stability in Justin’s life. They share a daughter, aged eight, whose name they’ve chosen to keep away from public scrutiny. “They’re the reason I live,” Hawkins once remarked about his family.

Recent Developments

However, love stories aren’t always fairytales. News recently broke that the rock star has parted ways with his wife, Sarah. In a twist to the tale, he was spotted hand-in-hand with singer Désirée Mishoe in London, confirming whispers of a new relationship.

Sarah Hawkins’ Background

Sarah Hawkins, previously known majorly as Justin Hawkins’ wife, has her own tale. Though much about her remains under wraps, she is known for her association with The Darkness’s lead and her strong presence in Justin’s life.

Justin Hawkins’ Current Lifestyle

Despite the tumultuous events in his love life, Justin has found solace in Switzerland. He currently resides there with his daughter. On the professional front, apart from his involvement with The Darkness, he’s also engaged in individual projects that continue to enchant his fans.


The life of Justin Hawkins, decorated with music, fame, and personal intricacies, has always been a subject of intrigue. As we trace the journey of his relationships, particularly with his wife, we get a glimpse into the world of this rock star – a life full of passion, music, heartbreak, and new beginnings.


Who is Justin Hawkins?
He’s an English musician, known primarily as the founder and lead singer of The Darkness.

Is Justin Hawkins married?
He was married to Sarah Hawkins, but recent reports suggest they’ve split.

Where does Justin Hawkins currently reside?
He lives in Switzerland with his daughter.

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