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levulinic acid

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Levulinic acid – Wikipedia

Levulinic acid, or 4-oxopentanoic acid, is an organic compound with the formula CH3C(O)CH2CH2CO2H. It is classified as a keto acid. => Xem Thêm

Levulinic Acid 98+%,250g Acros – VietChem

Tên sản phẩm: Levulinic Acid 98+% Acros ; CTHH: C5H8O3 ; Hàm lượng: >98% ; Hãng – Xuất xứ: Acros – Mỹ ; Bảo quản: – Bảo quản ở nơi khô ráo thoáng mát. => Xem Thêm

Levulinic Acid 98+%,5kg Acros – LabVIETCHEM

Levulinic Acid 98+% Acros, cas: 123-76-2, code: 125140050, CTHH là: C5H8O3. Là hóa chất tinh khiết dạng rắn màu vàng, được biết đến như một acid hữu cơ, … => Xem Thêm

Levulinic acid for synthesis 500g Merck – LabVIETCHEM

Levulinic acid for synthesis code 8142540500, xuất xứ Merck – Đức. Là chất rắn, màu trắng có công thức hóa học C₅H₈O₃. Hóa chất được sử dụng trong phân tích … => Xem Thêm

Levulinic acid | C5H8O3 – PubChem

Levulinic acid is a natural product found in Dendronephthya hemprichi with data available. … Levulinic acid is a metabolite found in or produced by Escherichia … => Xem Thêm

Levulinic Acid – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Levulinic acid (4-oxo-pentanoic acid) results from subsequent hydrolysis of hydroxymethylfurfural. It is relatively stable toward further chemical reaction … => Xem Thêm

Levulinic acid 98 123-76-2 – Sigma-Aldrich

Aldrich-L2009; Levulinic acid 0.98; CAS No.: 123-76-2; Synonyms: 4-Oxopentanoic acid; 4-Oxovaleric acid; Linear Formula: CH3COCH2CH2COOH; Empirical Formula: … => Xem Thêm

Levulinic acid – Sigma-Aldrich

Levulinic acid. CH3COCH2CH2COOH. Synonyms: 4-Oxopentanoic acid, 4-Oxovaleric acid, Levulinic acid. CAS 123-76-2. Molecular Weight 116.12. => Xem Thêm

Products – GFBiochemicals

Levulinic acid and its derivatives, like sodium levulinate, are used in organic and natural cosmetic compositions for perfuming, skin conditioning and pH- … => Xem Thêm

Industrial Applications for Levulinic Acid | SpringerLink

viết bởi V Ghorpade · 1997 · Trích dẫn 57 bài viết — Levulinic acid is a highly versatile chemical with several industrial uses. Literature shows potential uses as resin, plasticizer, textile, animal feed, coating … => Xem Thêm

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