The Best Way to Learn French — A Rundown

Practice speaking sentences over and over

Think about the last time you took on the task of learning something completely new to you. What was the key to getting the material or information to stick? Odds are that repetition played a big part. When learning French, take a sentence you are working on and say it over and over.

Not only will you memorize and know that sentence, but your brain will increasingly familiarize itself with the different words and conjugations.

You can also try to switch tenses — if you’re working on a present tense sentence, put it in past tense and future tense and repeat those several times as well. Conjugation and tense are, for many people, the most difficult thing to master. By using the power of repetition, you’re well on your way to success.

Work one-on-one with a native speaker

As is true in so many situations, the best way to learn French is through immersion. By speaking with a native French speaker, listening to the language, and getting the brain used to processing the words and phrases, you will find yourself moving along at a much faster pace than by practicing memorization alone. Your first lesson is free!

Using Skype, native French teachers work one-on-one with you and build a curriculum based around your needs. No matter your level, they will meet you there and work with you to reach your goals. There is no intimidation and no fear of moving too slowly. Click here for more information on French lessons.

Memorize the need-to-know common sentences

This is particularly useful if you plan to travel to a French-speaking country. You’ll want to be able to ask basic questions at the airport, your hotel, and at restaurants. Here is a list of common French phrases to practice. Remember, it’s all about repetition — there’s no need to be self-conscious or embarrassed while you’re learning. It’s much better to get these initial steps out of the way before you land in the country than to have no idea what you’re doing once you get there.

Listen to French speakers

Whether it’s television or movies, music, or simply sitting in French cafe, absorbing the language (once you have a basic grasp) is one of the most effective ways to pick up on the fine points of speaking French.


Common French Phrases

S’il vous plaît / s’il te plaît – “Please”

Merci — “Thank you”

Bonjour – “Hello/Good morning”

Bonne après-midi — Good afternoon

Je ne comprends pas – “I don’t understand”

Comment dit-on __ en français? – “How do you say X in French?”

Où est…? – “Where is…?”

Comment ça va? — How are you?

C’est combien? – “How much is it?”

Où sont les toilettes? – “Where is the restroom/toilets?”

L’addition, s’il vous plaît. – “The bill, please”

Comme d’hab! — I am good/well/everything is good!

Je m’appelle — My name is

Où es-tu? — Where are you?

Je suis désolé — I’m sorry.

Au revoir — Good-bye.

A bientôt — See you soon!

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