What Are the Notable Works in LaKeith Stanfield Filmography?

lakeith stanfield movies and tv shows

LaKeith Stanfield’s meteoric rise in the world of Hollywood has led many to wonder about the full range of his roles. By now, most of us have seen or heard of his gripping performances, but which “lakeith stanfield movies and tv shows” are truly the must-watch? Let’s delve into the actor’s career and pull out the gems.

  1. Early Beginnings and Notable Movies
  2. Summary of LaKeith Stanfield Movies and TV Shows
  3. Diverse Roles and Accolades
  4. Television Ventures
  5. Future Prospects

Early Beginnings and Notable Movies

From his debut in the newer version of Short Term 12 (2013) to his unsettling role in Get Out (2017), Stanfield has showcased immense versatility. The actor didn’t stop there.

Summary of LaKeith Stanfield Movies and TV Shows

Movie/TV Show Year Role Rating
Short Term 12 2013 Marcus 91%
Selma 2014 Chauncey Eskridge 90%
Get Out 2017 Chris Washington 93%
Uncut Gems 2019 Darius Scott 97%
Knives Out 2019 Rod Williams 92%
The Photograph 2020 Isaac Jefferson 70%
The Harder They Fall 2021 Cherokee Bill 96%
The Changeling 2022 Apollo Kagwa 83%
Atlanta 2016-2022 Darius Epps 97%

In the Martin Luther King biopic Selma (2014), Stanfield played an integral role, further cementing his position in Hollywood. Moving on, his magnetic performances in Uncut Gems (2019) and Knives Out (2019) garnered applause from both the audience and critics alike.

Diverse Roles and Accolades

The Harder They Fall (2021) showed a completely different side of Stanfield. His Western avatar was both convincing and captivating. Similarly, films like Dope (2015) and The Photograph (2020) demonstrate the actor’s ability to seamlessly fit into any role.

Stanfield’s commitment to his roles has not gone unnoticed. From his nomination for the Oscars to his 39 total nominations, the actor’s accolades reflect his dedication.

Television Ventures

Branching into TV, “lakeith stanfield movies and tv shows” wouldn’t be a complete list without mentioning Atlanta (2016-2022). His portrayal in this series about the Atlanta rap scene was critically acclaimed, earning him a Black Reel Award. Moreover, his recent venture into horror with The Changeling (2022) on Apple TV+ offers viewers a thrilling experience.

Future Prospects

With so many incredible roles under his belt, fans eagerly await Stanfield’s next move. With movies in pre-production and rumors of more roles in the works, it’s clear that Stanfield’s journey is just beginning.


Q: Which movie marked LaKeith’s debut?
A: LaKeith Stanfield made his debut in the newer version of Short Term 12 in 2013.

Q: How many nominations has Stanfield received?
A: LaKeith Stanfield has been nominated for an Oscar and has a total of 39 nominations to his name.

Q: Has LaKeith ventured into television?
A: Yes, he has notably starred in Atlanta and the horror fantasy series The Changeling.

Q: Which genre has LaKeith not explored yet?
A: Given his wide range of roles, from drama to horror to comedy, there’s no telling where he’ll venture next. However, he continues to surprise his audience with every new project.

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