What is a periodic health assessment army?

What is a periodic health assessment army? 2.3 Accordingly, a Periodic Health Examination (PHE) process has been developed as a means to assess health issues pertinent to employment and deployment, including medical conditions, occupational exposures and/or clinical risk factors that may impact on a Defence member’s fitness and safety in a given working

What is periodic health assessment? The Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) is a screening tool used by the armed forces to evaluate the individual medical readiness of their Service members. It can be conducted alone or can be combined with other individual medical readiness needs (e.g., dental exam and immunizations).

How do you do PHA on Ako? STEP 1: The first part of the PHA process is unchanged: service member completes an online questionnaire via Army Knowledge Online (AKO). To complete the online questionnaire, Soldiers should visit www.us.army.mil and then go to “Self Service” and then click on “My Medical Readiness.”

What does a PHA consist of army? The Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) is a screening tool used by the armed forces to evaluate the individual medical readiness of their Service members. It can be conducted alone or can be combined with other individual medical readiness needs (e.g., dental exam and immunizations).

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How often do you have to do PHA army?

Completed annually, the PHA consists of the following components for the Service member: A self-reported health status.

What is a DD 2808?

A DD 2808 form is used by the United States Department of Defense. The form is a Report of Medical Examination, and it is typically used at a Military Entrance Processing Station for new recruits or for enlisted military members who need documentation of a medical exam.

What does Medpros stand for?

Army. Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) (CAC Authentication Required) MEDPROS provides for the data entry and reporting/tracking of medical and dental readiness information for Soldiers, Units, and Task Forces.

Where do I do PHA army?

To schedule your annual DoD PHA, you must complete your online PHA assessment by going to https://medpros.mods.army.mil/portal, and under “Self Service” there will be a link for “Periodic Health Assessment.” Additional questions should be posed to your S1/G1 office.

How long does Army PHA take?

Allow 10 business days for complete processing of the PHA and updating of all applicable databases. On occasion, a Soldier’s PHA will be referred to our office for review and profiling purposes. Allow for an additional 20 business days for processing by this office.

What is medical readiness army?

Being medically ready means being current on Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs), Annual Dental Examinations, and Optometry Examinations.

What element is in the commander portal?

What element within the Commander Portal shows future trends so action can be taken as soon as possible? All Permanent 2 (P2) profiles signed by the profiling officer will no longer require a second physician signature. Commanders only have access to the Leader Tool within the MRAT.

What is health readiness?

e-Health readiness has been defined as the preparedness of healthcare institutions or communities for the anticipated change brought by programs related to information and communication technologies.

How do I check my Army medical readiness?

Soldiers can call 1-877-437-6313 for LHI to assist them in making an appointment free of charge. LHI will verify treatment needs and schedule the right appointment for you! TPU SMs can also contact an Active Duty (AD) Dental Clinic.

What army regulation covers medical readiness?

AR 40–501 is the authoritative publication for medical standards of fitness; AR 40–502 is the authoritative publication for medical readiness.

How long is a 2808 Good For?

Current DD-2807-1 “Report of Medical History” no older than one year will be required for Assimilation, Permanent Promotion, and Long Term Training.

What is a DD 2215?

DD Form 2215, Reference Audiogram, serves as a record of initial audiometric test results for comparison with the results of later tests. This particular form is used to record the initial testing. Periodic tests are recorded on the DD Form 2216, Hearing Conservation Data.

Where can I find my DD 2807-1?

Complete, sign and submit DD Form 2807-1, “Report of Medical History.” You can access the form at: http://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/forms/dd/dd2807-1.pdf. VA will then schedule an exam to review claimed conditions.

Why is Medpros important?

MEDPROS allows us to track Soldiers’ check-ups, and apply preventative measures now to avoid extended period of absence in the future. Leaders and commanders must ensure their Soldiers are ready to deploy, fight and win, and the individual must have the maturity to take care of themselves.

What is IMR Air Force?

(IMR) • IMR Status provides the commander with a. snapshot of the unit’s deployment availability.

How do I check my IMR?

Your IMR status can be viewed at https://asimsimr.health.mil/imr/MyIMR.aspx. This is a CAC-enabled website that works best in Chrome.

Can you access Medpros from home?

In any case, unless you have VPN access, you cannot access it from home at present.

What is Navy ePHA?

Electronic Periodic Health Assessment (ePHA) for Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) IAW with SECNAVIST 6120.3, all active duty and active reserves service members must complete an ePHA for their Individual Medical Readiness.

Where can I print out my profile army?

After a profile is signed and approved, a Soldier can print a copy of their profile from the “My Medical Readiness” page in AKO.

What happened ako?

All Army business processes will move off the current AKO platform onto next-generation enterprise services in phases. Business users will have access to enterprise services moving forward. After your AKO account is deactivated, emails sent to your army.mil address will be sent back to the sender with an error message.

Why is readiness important in the army?

The goal of military readiness is to ensure that the military force is ready and able to complete tasks at any time. The degree to which the military can meet various demands is determined by the building, improvement and sustainment of military forces.