When should you use a loop instead of a function?

When should you use a loop instead of a function?

“Use a loop when there is something you need to do over and over again and it doesn’t make sense to split it up any more.” “We don’t want to manually call functions many times in a row. If you’re calling the same function many times in a row, it’s time to make a loop.”

What is the functioning role of an antenna in receiving mode?

Answer. Answer: A receiving antenna is one, which converts electromagnetic waves from the received beam into electrical signals. In two-way communication, the same antenna can be used for both transmission and reception.

What is self impedance?

The term driving point impedance is sometimes used to mean the input impedance measured in a particular environment, and self-impedance or stand-alone impedance is the impedance of an antenna in free space, with no objects around to alter its radiation pattern.

What impedance means?

Electrical impedance, measure of the total opposition that a circuit or a part of a circuit presents to electric current. Impedance includes both resistance and reactance (qq. Impedance reduces to resistance in circuits carrying steady direct current.

What is the impedance of an antenna?

One definition of antenna impedance is the resistance and reactance seen at the antenna terminals or the ratio of electric to magnetic fields at the input. The primary intent of this paper is real-time compensation for changes in the driving point impedance of an antenna due to frequency deviations.

What is self impedance and mutual impedance?

While considering the self impedance of antenna, we assumed that the antenna is lossless and isolated from the other objects and ground. But many times in the large antenna systems, any antenna may be placed in the close vicinity of other active antennas. Such impedance is called mutual impedance of antenna.

How does self inductance work?

Self inductance is defined as the induction of a voltage in a current-carrying wire when the current in the wire itself is changing. In the case of self-inductance, the magnetic field created by a changing current in the circuit itself induces a voltage in the same circuit. Therefore, the voltage is self-induced.

What is reflected impedance?

: a part of the impedance of an electric circuit that is due to the influence of another coupled circuit.

What is VSWR in transmission line?

VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), is a measure of how efficiently radio-frequency power is transmitted from a power source, through a transmission line, into a load (for example, from a power amplifier through a transmission line, to an antenna).