When Will Verstappen Be World Championship? Predictions and Achievements

In the exhilarating world of Formula One 2023, fans are abuzz with one burning question: “When will Verstappen be world champion 2023?” The answer might be closer than we think. With 11 wins out of the 13 races so far, Max Verstappen is paving a road to his third championship title. As of now, he’s leading with a staggering 145-point lead over his teammate, Sergio Perez. If this momentum continues, he could possibly seize the title at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka on September 25th, making it one of the earliest title wins since Michael Schumacher’s feat in 2002.

  1. Summary of “When will Verstappen be world champion 2023”
  2. Historical Context
  3. Verstappen’s Potential Win
  4. Red Bull’s Dominance
  5. Verstappen’s Path to Third Title
  6. Italian Grand Prix 2023
  7. Conclusion

However, with the unpredictability and thrill that F1 offers, nothing’s set in stone. Yet, considering Verstappen’s current form, he undoubtedly stands as a frontrunner.

Summary of “When will Verstappen be world champion 2023”

Date Event
September 25th Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka (Potential title win for Verstappen)
September 11th Italian Grand Prix, Monza (Chance for Verstappen’s 10th win in a row)
October 2nd Russian Grand Prix, Sochi
2023 Season Verstappen leads by 145 points, potentially his third world title

Historical Context

Michael Schumacher’s early win in the 2002 season still reverberates in F1’s annals. Back then, the points system awarded a win with 10 points, unlike today where it takes 81 points to seal the title. Thus, achieving an early win, like Schumacher’s, in today’s context is indeed a monumental task.

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In the fast-paced realm of Formula One, points systems have evolved, making early championship victories a feat of both skill and consistent performance.

Verstappen’s Potential Win

The Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka on September 25th holds significance. If Verstappen manages to finish second or higher and Perez doesn’t break into the top 10, we might see an early celebration. A win for Verstappen coupled with Perez finishing ninth or lower would mathematically secure him the title.

However, the unpredictability of F1 races means fans will be at the edge of their seats, closely watching the upcoming races.

Red Bull’s Dominance

Red Bull’s roaring performance in 2023 is undeniable. Thanks to the team’s unbeatable strategies and Verstappen’s driving prowess, they’ve established a dominance reminiscent of the Schumacher era. The championship lead Verstappen holds is the most significant since Schumacher’s reign in 2004, underscoring Red Bull’s supremacy this season.

Verstappen’s Path to Third Title

With two titles already under his belt, Verstappen is on track to join the ranks of legends like Alain Prost. Another win will put him just a title away from matching Prost’s record. At 24, time is on his side, promising a future adorned with more laurels.

Italian Grand Prix 2023

Before Suzuka, the circuits of Monza await Verstappen on September 11th for the Italian Grand Prix. A track where he’s tasted victory before, a win here could set another record – ten consecutive F1 wins, a feat last seen with Alberto Ascari in 1953.


As the 2023 F1 season progresses, all eyes are on Max Verstappen. With every race, the anticipation of him clinching his third world championship grows. While the title might be within reach, the journey to it promises excitement, making 2023 a memorable year for F1 enthusiasts.


Q: How many races has Verstappen won in 2023?
A: He has won 11 out of the 13 races so far.

Q: When is the earliest he can win the championship?
A: He can potentially secure the title at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka on September 25th.

Q: What record is Verstappen eyeing at the Italian Grand Prix?
A: He has the chance to achieve a record 10th consecutive F1 win.

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