Where Is Ed Kelce Today? An Insight Into Travis and Jason Kelce Father Life

where is ed kelce

The name Kelce, especially in NFL circles, rings a familiar bell for many. This is largely due to the significant contributions of Travis and Jason Kelce, two of the most prominent figures in modern football. Their achievements include winning the Super Bowl, with Travis representing the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. But where is Ed Kelce, the man behind these two football giants? Let’s delve deeper.

  1. Summary of “Where Is Ed Kelce”
  2. Who Is Ed Kelce?
  3. What Happened to Travis Kelce’s Dad Ed?
  4. The Kelce Documentary and Family Divorce
  5. Ed Kelce’s Relocation
  6. Family Background
  7. Donna Kelce’s Statement
  8. Conclusion
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Ed Kelce, better known as the father of Travis and Jason Kelce, has made headlines not only because of his sons’ impressive football careers but also due to his personal life. Both Travis and Jason, with their Super Bowl victories, have secured their legacies in the sport.

Summary of “Where Is Ed Kelce”

Aspect Details
Connection to NFL Father of Travis and Jason Kelce
Health Issues Battled Crohn’s Disease
Documentary Appearance Featured in “Kelce”
Marital Status Divorced after 25 years
Relocation Moved from Cleveland to Philadelphia
Proximity to Jason Lives a mile away
Background Raised in Cleveland
Influence on Sons Instilled love for football

Who Is Ed Kelce?

Ed is the proud father of two NFL talents, Travis and Jason Kelce. Having two potential future Hall of Famers as sons, Ed’s connection to the sport is undeniable. This family’s name has grown synonymous with success, leadership, and grit in the NFL.

What Happened to Travis Kelce’s Dad Ed?

The NFL community was concerned upon hearing about Ed Kelce’s health issues, notably his battle with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory disease that affects the digestive tract. This condition understandably had a profound effect not only on Ed but also on Travis and Jason, with the latter even revealing its impact in interviews.

The Kelce Documentary and Family Divorce

In the documentary titled “Kelce,” the Kelce family’s dynamics are explored. Ed Kelce played an integral part, even discussing his personal marital challenges. It’s highlighted that after 25 years of marriage, the Kelce parents decided to part ways. However, the exact timeline of this divorce wasn’t detailed in the film.

Ed Kelce’s Relocation

During the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ed Kelce decided to relocate from Cleveland to Philadelphia. This move was primarily to be closer to Jason, showcasing the tight-knit bond shared within the family. Interestingly, Ed currently resides just a mile away from Jason and his wife.

Family Background

Both Ed and his ex-wife, Donna Kelce, hail from Cleveland. Their roots and values have evidently played a significant role in shaping the love for football in both Travis and Jason Kelce. This passion for the game, seemingly a family trait, has been passed down through generations.

Donna Kelce’s Statement

In the “Kelce” documentary, Donna Kelce, Ed’s ex-wife, candidly speaks about their decision to stay together for their sons. This reflection underscores their unwavering commitment to ensuring the best for Travis and Jason, even in the face of personal adversities.


Ed Kelce, while not in the limelight like his sons, remains a pivotal figure in the Kelce narrative. From health challenges to personal life events, Ed’s journey is a testament to resilience. As Travis and Jason continue to make waves in the NFL, their father’s influence remains evident.

Call to Action

For those eager to understand more about the Kelce family dynamics, the “Kelce” documentary offers an in-depth view. The film not only discusses the professional lives of Travis and Jason but also provides insights into their upbringing and family values. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable NFL family.

Q: Who are Ed Kelce’s children in the NFL?
A: Ed Kelce is the father of Travis and Jason Kelce.

Q: What was the reason for Ed Kelce’s relocation?
A: He moved to be closer to his son, Jason, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Is there a documentary that features the Kelce family?
A: Yes, there’s a documentary titled “Kelce” which delves into the family’s life.

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