Who is Keith Buckley Wife? Diving into the Personal Life of Many Eye Frontman

Keith Buckley, best known as the frontman of Many Eyes and the former band Every Time I Die, is a name many in the metalcore community revere. With the announcement of his new band, Many Eyes, set to tour in 2024 with THURSDAY, there’s been a renewed interest in the singer’s personal life, especially concerning his wife.

  1. Summary of Keith Buckley Wife
  2. Many Eyes’ Formation
  3. Personal Life of Keith Buckley
  4. Keith Buckley’s Marriage
  5. Keith Buckley’s Wife, Lindsay Buckley
  6. Challenges in Keith Buckley’s Personal Life
  7. Conclusion

Beyond his music, Buckley’s life has seen moments of intense joy, heartache, and personal growth. As the audience continues to appreciate his melodies, there’s a keen desire to know more about the woman who stands beside him, Lindsay Buckley.

Summary of Keith Buckley Wife

Aspect Details
Band Keith is Known For Many Eyes
Former Band Every Time I Die
Keith’s New Band Members Charlie and Nick Bellmore
Keith’s Advocacy Supporting disabled attendees at concerts
Keith’s Wife Lindsay Buckley
Age Keith met Lindsay 13
Challenges in Personal Life Ex-wife’s pregnancy complications in 2015

Many Eyes’ Formation

After parting ways with Every Time I Die in 2021, Keith Buckley was on the hunt for new musical ventures. His introduction to Charlie and Nick Bellmore by Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed marked the birth of Many Eyes. With the band’s debut album eagerly anticipated for a 2024 release, fans can’t wait to hear their new sound.

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Personal Life of Keith Buckley

Keith Buckley’s personal journey is marked by the poignant memory of his younger sister, Jaclyn. Living with Rett syndrome, she sadly passed away in 2017. This personal loss transformed Keith into an advocate, encouraging disabled attendees at his concerts to reach out to him directly for assistance.

Keith Buckley’s Marriage

The story of Keith and Lindsay Buckley seems almost cinematic. As Keith once shared, they first met when they were mere teenagers, aged 13. Their on-again, off-again romance blossomed over the years, culminating in a bond that many can only dream of.

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Keith Buckley’s Wife, Lindsay Buckley

Lindsay Buckley, the woman at the heart of the topic “Keith Buckley wife,” remains a mystery in many ways. Although American by nationality, little else is public about her personal life. Their relationship, however, stands as a testament to enduring love.

Challenges in Keith Buckley’s Personal Life

Life has thrown its share of challenges at Keith. In 2015, his then-wife faced severe pregnancy complications, an ordeal that saw him make the heart-wrenching decision to leave an ongoing tour. Prioritizing family in the face of adversity speaks volumes about his character.


Keith Buckley, the voice behind Many Eyes, is more than just a talented musician. With a rich tapestry of personal experiences, including his marriage to Lindsay Buckley and his advocacy for the disabled, he continues to inspire many. It’s not just his music but also his life’s journey that resonates with so many.


  • Who is Keith Buckley married to?
    • He is married to Lindsay Buckley.
  • Which band is Keith currently part of?
    • Keith is currently the frontman for Many Eyes.
  • When did Keith meet Lindsay?
    • Keith met Lindsay when they were both 13 years old.
  • Why is Keith an advocate for disabled concert-goers?
    • Following the passing of his sister, Jaclyn, who had Rett syndrome, Keith became a vocal supporter for disabled attendees at his shows.

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