Who is Lachlan Murdoch in Succession? The Man Behind the Murdoch Empire

The world of media recently witnessed a significant changing of the guard: Lachlan Murdoch, eldest son of the legendary Rupert Murdoch, has been officially anointed as the successor to the vast Murdoch empire. Given that Rupert Murdoch has been a towering figure in the media landscape, this development is monumental.

  1. Summary of “Who is Lachlan Murdoch in Succession?”
  2. Lachlan Murdoch’s Early Life and Rise to Power
  3. Lachlan’s Significant Role in the Murdoch Empire
  4. The Tale of Lachlan Murdoch’s Succession
  5. Conclusion

Ever since the succession announcement, there has been mounting interest around the question, “Who is Lachlan Murdoch in succession?” This article aims to delve into that, providing insights into Lachlan’s journey and his role in the grander scheme of the Murdoch dynasty.

Summary of “Who is Lachlan Murdoch in Succession?”

Date Key Events & Highlights
2023-09-21 Lachlan Murdoch is officially declared successor of the Murdoch empire.
2019 Lachlan becomes executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation.
2015 He returns to News Corp as co-chairman.
2005 Lachlan establishes his investment company, Illyria Pty Ltd.
1999 Marriage to Sarah Murdoch.
1971 Birth of Lachlan Murdoch in London, England.

Lachlan Murdoch’s Early Life and Rise to Power

Born on September 8, 1971, in London, Lachlan is the eldest son of media titan Rupert Murdoch. With siblings like James and Elisabeth Murdoch, it’s safe to say media runs in his blood.

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Educationally, Lachlan has an impressive resume, having attended Trinity School, Phillips Academy Andover, and ultimately graduating from Princeton University. However, it wasn’t long before he dived into the family business. Over the years, he assumed various roles within News Corp and even ventured out to create his investment firm, Illyria Pty Ltd, in 2005.

Lachlan’s Significant Role in the Murdoch Empire

Being the executive chairman of Nova Entertainment is just one of the many hats Lachlan wears. His titles also include co-chairman of News Corp, CEO of Fox Corporation, and founder of Illyria Pty Ltd. It’s evident that Lachlan’s influence in the media world is vast and varied.

Under his leadership, Fox Corporation underwent several strategic decisions, including the notable acquisition of TMZ in 2021. His acumen and vision have undoubtedly carved a unique identity for him within the media landscape.

The Tale of Lachlan Murdoch’s Succession

For years, the media was rife with speculation about who would take the Murdoch empire’s reins. While some drew parallels between Lachlan and Kendall Roy from the popular series “Succession,” it’s essential to understand that Lachlan’s ascent wasn’t just a twist of fate. As the eldest son, he had long been perceived as the heir apparent.

Today, as he steps into his father’s shoes, there’s a collective interest in seeing how he steers the Murdoch legacy.


Lachlan Murdoch’s journey from being the son of a media mogul to becoming one himself is a testament to his capabilities and the trust placed in him by his father, Rupert Murdoch. As he takes over the reins, the world waits with bated breath to witness the future trajectory of the Murdoch empire.

In the end, while the world might continue to draw parallels with fictional TV series, Lachlan’s story is very much real, and it’s only just begun.


1. Who is Lachlan Murdoch?
He is the eldest son of Rupert Murdoch and has recently been announced as the successor to the Murdoch empire.

2. Is Lachlan Murdoch’s succession a recent event?
Yes, he was officially anointed as the successor to the Murdoch empire on September 21, 2023.

4. Is Lachlan Murdoch’s story similar to the show “Succession”?
While there are parallels drawn between Lachlan and characters from “Succession,” his real-life journey and challenges are unique.

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