Why Did Dallas Cowboy Dak Prescott Get Tattoos For His Mother?

When it comes to family tributes, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott doesn’t hold back. On what would’ve been his late mother’s 62nd birthday in 2023, he and his brother, Tad, got matching tattoos. This heartwarming gesture illustrates their enduring bond and shared remembrance of their beloved mother. These “dallas cowboys dak prescott tattoos” have since become symbols of familial love, commitment, and enduring memories.

  1. Summary of Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Tattoos
  2. Dak Prescott’s Tribute Tattoo
  3. The Lengthy Tattoo Process
  4. Dak Prescott’s Dedication
  5. Symbolism of the Virgo Constellation
  6. Tattoo Artist and Costs
  7. Future Plans
  8. FAQs

This isn’t Prescott’s first tattoo tribute, though. He previously got the Virgo constellation, which is his mother’s zodiac sign, on his wrist. Now, with this new inking on his forearm, he solidifies the deep connection and reverence he holds for his mother.

Summary of Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Tattoos

Date Tattoo Location Description
September 10, 2023 Virgo constellation Inside forearms Matching tattoo with brother Tad in honor of their late mother
2013 Virgo constellation Wrist Tattoo in memory of his late mother’s zodiac sign

Dak Prescott’s Tribute Tattoo

The recent Virgo constellation tattoo on the inside of their forearms was more than just a mere decoration for the Prescott brothers. It was a moment of shared grief, love, and tribute. For them, these “dallas cowboys dak prescott tattoos” became a permanent reminder of their mother, the rock of their family.

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“These tattoos represent our bond,” Prescott often mentioned. “It’s our way to ensure our mom remains with us forever.”

The Lengthy Tattoo Process

Given the massive size, Prescott’s leg tattoo might have looked like a journey into getting a full leg sleeve. This wasn’t a hasty decision. It required him to pause his off-season workouts and even go through a sedation of around 10 hours. For some, this might seem excessive. But for Prescott, every moment was worth the homage it paid to his mother.

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Dak Prescott’s Dedication

Dak’s commitment to his mother’s memory goes beyond tattoos. He has her initials “PM” on his football cleats and keeps her picture inside his helmet. However, the 11-hour tattoo sedation became a talking point, with many curious about his decision. In response, Prescott shared, “It’s not about the pain, but the tribute. I’d do it a hundred times over for her.”

Symbolism of the Virgo Constellation

The Virgo constellation symbolizes many virtues – purity, innocence, and grace, qualities that Prescott undoubtedly associates with his late mother. Every glance at these tattoos reminds him of these virtues and keeps his mother’s spirit alive.

Tattoo Artist and Costs

Christina Ortega of Inked By Auburn in Dallas, Texas was the chosen artist for these intricate designs. With an estimated cost of $1,000 each, Prescott didn’t skimp on ensuring these tattoos were both beautiful and meaningful.

Future Plans

Though he’s already adorned with multiple tattoos, Prescott has indicated a wish to get more in the future. Yet, he’s clear about one thing – every tattoo will carry deep personal significance.


Q: What do the Virgo tattoos symbolize for Dak?
A: They symbolize his mother’s zodiac sign and represent the qualities of purity, innocence, and grace.

Q: How many tattoos does Dak Prescott have in honor of his mother?
A: As of 2023, he has two tattoos – one on his wrist and a matching one with his brother on their forearms.

Q: Why was Dak sedated for 10 hours for a tattoo?
A: The tattoo was large, and sedation was required due to its size and the lengthy process involved.

Q: Who inked Dak Prescott’s tattoos?
A: Christina Ortega of Inked By Auburn in Dallas, Texas was the artist behind his tattoos.

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