Zach Davies Wife Inside the MLB Pitcher Marriage and Recent Controversies

In recent events, Zach Davies, the well-known MLB pitcher, has come under the spotlight not just for his professional life but also for his personal relationships. Particularly, the Arizona Diamondbacks made a significant decision to release RHP Zach Davies with only five games left in the regular season. Amidst this, the topic “zach davies wife” has been gaining traction due to the public disclosure of their marriage’s dissolution.

  1. Summary of zach davies wife
  2. Zach Davies’ Career with the Diamondbacks
  3. Zach Davies’ Personal Life
  4. Troubles in Zach Davies’ Marriage
  5. Inside Breakdown of the Marriage
  6. Controversies Surrounding Zach Davies
  7. Conclusion

The Diamondbacks’ recent decision was influenced by Davies’ performance this season. The 30-year-old pitcher had a 2-5 record with a 7.00 ERA in 18 starts for Arizona. His journey with the Diamondbacks began in March 2022 when he signed as a free agent after leaving the Chicago Cubs.

Summary of zach davies wife

Aspect Details
Marriage Date December 3, 2016
Duration before Marriage 5 years
Public Divorce 2022
Allegations by Wife Ghosting for a year in 2021
Career Highlight Signed with Diamondbacks in March 2022
Season Performance (2023) 2-5 record with a 7.00 ERA in 18 starts
Recent Professional Development Released by the Diamondbacks with 5 games left in season

Zach Davies’ Career with the Diamondbacks

Zach Davies showcased his talent with the Diamondbacks, but his performance this season left room for improvement. After 18 starts, Davies recorded a 7.00 ERA, leading to the recent decision by the Diamondbacks. Before this, he had a commendable stint with the Chicago Cubs and then transitioned to Arizona in March 2022.

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Zach Davies’ Personal Life

When we dive deeper into Davies’ personal life, we learn that he tied the knot with Megan White on December 3, 2016. Their relationship wasn’t sudden; the duo had been an item for five years before making it official.

Troubles in Zach Davies’ Marriage

The turbulence in Davies’ marriage surfaced when his estranged wife posted a raw account of their relationship on Instagram. This post threw light on the apparent dissolution of their bond. Moreover, their divorce in 2022 was not a private affair, adding fuel to the public discourse.

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Inside Breakdown of the Marriage

Zach Davies and Megan White’s union started with what seemed like a dream wedding. Their marriage was marked with sweet birthday tributes and moments that many couples envy. However, cracks started to appear and allegations arose, including Megan’s claim that Davies “ghosted” her for an entire year.

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Controversies Surrounding Zach Davies

Public figures often face scrutiny, and Zach Davies is no exception. The biggest controversy surrounding him is rooted in his personal life. Megan’s allegations, especially the claim that he blocked her number and stopped all communication for a year, have attracted significant attention.


While Zach Davies remains a topic of discussion in the MLB community, especially with his recent release from the Diamondbacks, it’s his personal life, particularly his relationship with Megan White, that has taken center stage. The dissolution of their marriage and the subsequent public revelations have overshadowed his baseball accomplishments. Readers looking to delve deeper into this matter should keep an eye out for any further updates or statements from the involved parties.


Did Zach Davies play for the Chicago Cubs before the Diamondbacks?
Yes, Zach Davies was with the Chicago Cubs before joining the Diamondbacks in 2022.

When did Zach Davies and Megan White get married?
They tied the knot on December 3, 2016.

What allegations did Megan make about their marriage?
Megan claimed that Zach Davies ghosted her for a year in 2021, cutting off all communication.

What was Zach Davies’ performance in the 2023 season?
Davies recorded a 2-5 record with a 7.00 ERA in 18 starts for the Diamondbacks.

— by Sunil Kapoor